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Cindy Monroe on Maintaining a Strong Bond with Your Spouse

Cindy Monroe on Maintaining a Strong Bond with Your Spouse
Photo Courtesy: Cindy Monroe

Maintaining healthy relationships can be a real struggle in the fast-paced speed of life, with work and family obligations competing for our attention. However, our overall well-being lies at the heart of strong relationships. According to a recent survey, people who are in healthy relationships have a 49% lower risk of death. 

With a marriage that has flourished over three decades, Cindy Monroe understands the significance of healthy connections. Cindy is the founder and CEO of Thirty-One Gifts and the author of More Than a Bag. The devoted wife and mother of two encourages all of us to rise to the challenges of maintaining a thriving partnership despite the demands of our dynamic age.

Cindy understands that healthy relationships don’t just happen; they require time and hard work to build and sustain. Here are her valuable tips, each contributing to the foundation of a thriving partnership.

Celebrate the Wins

Celebrating everything from each other’s significant achievements to minor victories builds unity. Become your partner’s biggest cheerleader and amplify the positive and supportive quality of your relationship.

Encourage Growth and Goals

In each of our lives, we all hope to grow and improve. Cindy suggests recognizing your partner’s vision and goals and actively supporting his or her journey. By fostering an environment that encourages personal and professional development, couples can create a shared sense of accomplishment.

Go Beyond Material Gifts

While finding just the right gift for your significant other can be meaningful, the excitement over material possessions can fade. Make sure to value intangible gifts as well. Cindy reveals that expressing appreciation, accepting a kind gesture, spending quality time together, or offering words of affirmation are lifelong presents that reinforce the emotional connection between partners. 

Create a Shared Calendar

Maintaining a calendar can help partners be informed about each other’s schedules and important dates, fostering unity and understanding. Cindy recommends creating a shared calendar to avoid clashes and maintain a practical, harmonious routine. 

Connect Daily 

Communication and connection are critical for a happy relationship. Cindy’s ritual with her husband, Scott, has proven to be a game-changer. The couple dedicates 15-20 minutes every morning to connecting over coffee. Whether it’s Bible study, a short devotional, or an inspirational message, this sets a positive tone for the day and daily connection.

Maintain Boundaries 

In any relationship, setting boundaries is vital. Cindy stresses the importance of establishing clear limits that respect individual space and needs. Boundaries contribute to a healthy dynamic, ensuring both partners feel understood and appreciated.


Personal introspection is a crucial aspect of marriage. Cindy suggests taking the time to ponder personal choices, needs, and intentions. Individuals can show up authentically in their relationship by consciously prioritizing what matters most and letting go of the rest.

In a world filled with constant demands, Cindy’s tips offer a roadmap to building a resilient and enduring connection with your spouse. To hear more of Cindy’s personal and professional insights, follow her on Instagram.


Published by: Khy Talara

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