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Chinese Herbs for Children and Adolescents – Lessons Learned During COVID at Longevity Mountain Herbs

According to a trusted survey, the post-vaccine experience in USA-based kids and teens has taken a toll on their physical health. While 60.1% experienced fatigue, 24.1% felt muscle pain, 10.1% reported having fever, and 8% of them had diarrhea, (Source: Business Insider ) with 1594 deaths overall (Source: CDC). The pandemic also had an impact on children’s learning processes and other healthcare facilities since the virus took the front seat. Nevertheless, stress-related and emotional problems are prevalent in teens, which impact other areas of their lives.

Since the pandemic implied house-arrest of people, including children, the outdoor activities came to a standstill. After the playground was replaced with gadgets, kids became more lazy and experienced sleep and concentration issues. Lack of exercise was another cause that made teens lose their self-esteem. Gun violence involving children (0-18 yrs.) resulted in 1438 deaths in the US (JAMA, CDC). Children have been greatly affected and need our attention on a very personal level.  

Longevity Mountain Herbs (LMH), a platform best known for its Chinese herbal formulas, started seeing increased health requests for young children with ADD/ADHD formulas: Spirit Comfort, Flu Comfort for extreme fever, Body Force for immunity, Nose/Allergy Comfort for nasal congestion, Breathe Comfort for lung congestion and asthma complaints, and Heart Comfort for anxiety and heart/circulation problems.

Preparing and Fortifying Our Teens After COVID

Having identified the general issues faced by teenagers, which include menstruation, irritability, separation from friends, less interaction with peers, no physical activity, high anxiety, suicide, and drug abuse, Longevity Mountain Herbs has found herbal remedies catering to all of these. The following are some of the primary formulas offered by the herbal company which eliminates the cause of health problems at its roots.


  • Female Comfort – treats extreme menstrual pain and cramps, weakness, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, etc.
  • Cortisol Calm Comfort – this formula helps to reduce stress.
  • Slim Comfort- caters to obesity and hunger pangs.
  • Male Comfort- energizes teenage boys and restores their hormone levels to normal.It improves concentration and focus. It also clears blood toxicity and pollutants.
  • Spirit Comfort—works best to increase concentration and improve focus. Treats ADD, foggy thinking, and stress-related problems
  • Paramalin and ADP- treat acne, skin problems, and insomnia in teens that often happen due to hormonal changes.
  • Vital Yang- improve athletic performance, speed, and strength of adolescents 

Parents that are looking for alternatives to the side effects of more forceful medicines and/or have discovered that some children are resistant to the psychological branding that occurs may want a natural option that can interrupt the high levels of stress that children can present. Making sure that a child or teen gets the right herbal formula for their specific needs is very important. Longevity Mountain Herbs provides a comprehensive Chinese medicine assessment for free. This is provided to ensure that all of our clients’ receive the correct formula and diet to balance their mental, emotional, and physical health and to assist financially.

The senior master herbalist, Mark Hammer, has worked with clients for over 35 years. He apprenticed in Chinese medicine in the traditional way discovering some aspects of Chinese medicine were absent in the US. His teacher, George “Hua” Chun, while a medical chemist researcher in the past found personal medical solutions from his father’s medicine. Many generations of Chinese medicine have contributed to the making of Longevity Mountain Herbs. This foundation, profoundly, provides a sure response to every client who works with the herbalist, clinic and the online Chinese medicine shop.

The pandemic has taught us a lesson to pay greater attention to our health. The role of parents has further increased, pushing them to take better care of their children and understand their emotional and physical health problems. Parents have also learned from their children to keep a home store in order to prevent such occurrences and to use them for their own purposes as well.

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