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Chef Eddie G Makes a Mark in the Culinary Scene, Currates Global Flavors in Every Plate

Exploring cultures through traveling is enriching, but it requires time, money, and other resources, making it a luxury for many people. But Chef Eddie G proves that one need not jump on a plane or cross oceans to experience cultures as he brings different flavors of the world on the plate. The culinary powerhouse delivers a magical blend of the grit of New York City with the wonderful scent of spices and flavors across the globe. As the lead chef and partner of Chef Eddie G’s Kitchen, a culinary experience agency based in New York. Chef Eddie G transforms ordinary dishes to deliver an unforgettable dining experience, incorporating flavors that showcase his global palate. 

Chef Eddie G is renowned in the culinary arena for showcasing the diversity of New York City, together with the flavors of different countries he has explored and mastered, giving birth to his signature delights. The culinary expert has a dish for everyone.

Born and raised to Irish and German parents in an immigrant-rich community, Chef Eddie G was exposed to various herbs, spices, and sauces that the people around him used, igniting a fire in him to make a difference in the culinary world. His first role was as his mother’s own sous chef, helping her make family dinners every night. Eventually, his love for food grew and pushed him to aim for more. When Chef Eddie G worked his first job at an Italian restaurant, he realized how good food could bring people together. 

“A true chef has to love hospitality as much as they enjoy preparing the dish. I learned this as a young man, and it has driven my passion for this industry ever since,” said Chef Eddie G.

After graduating high school, Chef Eddie G immediately attended the prestigious Johnson & Wales Culinary School. Exposed to global culinary techniques, the chef soon traveled the world and quickly moved on to manage hundreds of restaurants, buying and selling five restaurants as well. 

“There was nothing more interesting to me than pursuing a life of creating great dishes and memorable experiences for guests. Meeting new people, tasting new foods, and learning new cultures inspired everything I had accomplished in the kitchen,” said the chef. “Every new place I travel, every guest’s comment and every new flavor I find makes its way into the kitchen and your dish,” Chef Eddie G added. 

After his time traveling the world, Chef Eddie G decided to return home and present the different flavors he discovered to East Harlem. He opened up Chef Eddie G’s kitchen, a culmination of the three-decades worth of experiences and growth where diners could enjoy carefully-mastered dishes and watch culinary demos and guest chefs as well. The eclectic menu showcases flavors from the Caribbean, Mediterranean, and Asia. Now he enjoys traveling, learning different cultures and cuisines, and consulting.  

Chef Eddie G is currently finalizing his second cookbook, “Cooking Local With Chef Eddie G,” followed by the success of his first cookbook called “Cooking Coast2Coast Cuisine. He also showcases his talent on Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race Season 9 and released Season 1 of Chef Eddie G. Locavore on Prime TV.  Watch for Chef at the Jamaica Jerk Festival in NYC on July 31st.



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