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Chanme Frosé, the Hit Wine Specialty Product That Suits the Modern-Day Taste

While it is inarguable that people from all walks of life can now have a shot at entering the industry and finding success by starting and scaling a venture, securing a coveted spot at the summit remains a pipedream for others. After all, breaking down barriers to entry and making the entrepreneurial realm accessible to all go-getters mean upping the degree of competition. But amid the saturation and the cutthroat nature of the world of business, The Frozen Frogs manages to stand out and hog the spotlight thanks to its impressive inventory of wine-based drinks. With the introduction of Chanmé Frosé, it is expected to reach greater heights and cement its reputation within the wine industry even more solidly. 

Founded by two friends fueled by a passion for frozen drinks and motivated by the desire to fill a void in the alcohol industry, The Frozen Frogs is the modern beverage company behind the hit wine specialty product Chanmé Frosé. It operates under the recognition that for years, the industry has been shamefully practicing cost-cutting measures in manufacturing, producing, and distributing wine-based drinks to increase revenue. Marked by their lower alcohol content, artificial flavors, and unsatisfactory taste, these products have impacted the general population’s perception of prepackaged mixed drinks—considerable damage that The Frozen Frogs hopes to address. 

From the get-go, The Frozen Frogs has delivered nothing but quality offerings, so it doesn’t come as a surprise why Chanmé Frosé is currently making a buzz in the market. “Out of our love and appreciation for frozen drinks, our French genes, and the nostalgia of 1980s wine coolers, we strive to offer only the finest wine-based drinks,” shared the minds behind this widely acclaimed company. 

Today, the fast-growing enterprise—which boasts a wide selection of drinks made with 100% real Rosé, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Riesling, and Sake wines—is proud to offer the Chanmé Frosé. A frozen version of Rosé wine that has invaded the chicest hot spots around the world, including Saint Bart’s, Montauk, Ibiza, Tulum, SoHo, Bali, and the Amalfi Coast, frosés have been created in proprietary batches at individual bars until now. Highly cognizant of the gap between consumers and available supply, The Frozen Frogs has taken on the mission to create delicious and superior products for everyone to enjoy. 

“Forget the tedious process of preparing and cleaning—Chanmé Frosé comes in portable packaging that can be enjoyed anywhere. There’s no need for a frozen drink machine or a blender,” announced The Frozen Frogs. Strategically formulated to suit the modern-day taste, this hit wine specialty product has caught the interest of countless customers not only because of its flavor but also for the convenience it brings to the table. It can be consumable at home, by the pool, on the golf course, at the beach, and more as it comes in a pouch. 

Given The Frozen Frogs’ track record at providing quality products, Chanmé Frosé is set to become another favorite. As the first ready-to-drink frosé that uses 100% real Rosé wine, it is bound to serve as the staple choice for adults. Learn more about Chanmé Frosé by visiting its website.

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