Chicago Welcomes Tennis Champion Emir Hamzić

Serbian-American former professional tennis player Emir Hamzić is in Chicago. As of August 2020, the tennis champion has begun working as a full-time tennis professional at Lakeshore SF, Lincoln Park in the city. The citizens of Chicago are ecstatic, welcoming him with

Former Football Player Turned Coach, Mehran Rowshan, Develops Young Talent Through Innovative Strategies

For some people, football is more than just a sport; it is a passionate display of skills and talent that transcends the boundaries of competition. Mehran Rowshan is a former football player who suddenly lost his career due to a severe injury that he sustained at such a young age. The passionate football player did not let the incident faze him. In fact, it made his passion for the game grow even deeper. Since he could no longer play, Mehran Rowshan transitioned his role toward becoming a professional coach at the age of 22. He poured his passion and skills

Dave “Irregular” Thorpe, The Up-And-Coming Heavyweight Boxer Inspiring Athletes With His Story of Grit

It is easy for people to jump to the conclusion that an individual’s success must have been the result of their innate talent. After all, countless powerhouses in the music and entertainment scene, for example, managed to shine because they were inherently talented. As much as this could be true for others, some have been able to establish their names in their industry because they worked hard to translate their visions into reality. These go-getters, including the up-and-coming heavyweight boxer Dave “Irregular” Thorpe, are the paragons of grit and perseverance, serving as role models for other aspirants. Hailing from Fort

Cameron Mercadel, Fifteen-Year-Old Basketball Prodigy

No boy in California trains harder than the 15-year-old prodigy from Orange County, California, Cameron “Cam” Mercadel. Cam is a basketball influencer who has been playing the game since the age of three. The young athlete is an exceptional player on the court and a celebrated icon on Instagram, where he has over 200,000 followers. Cam Mercadel is doing all he can to fulfill his destiny of becoming the NBA’s next star player. As a young basketball player, Cam is in a league of his own. His hustle, ball-handling skills, and understanding of the game are far superior to the

Chicago Welcomes Tennis Champion Emir Hamzić

Serbian-American former professional tennis player Emir Hamzić is in Chicago. As of August 2020, the tennis champion has begun working as a full-time tennis professional at Lakeshore SF, Lincoln Park in the city. The citizens of Chicago are ecstatic, welcoming him with open arms, to have an athlete of Emir Hamzić’s caliber in their midst.  When he was only 20 years old, the then professional athlete carved his name in stone after being crowned an All-American and winning a National Championship playing at the collegiate level. These titles launched Emir Hamzić into sports stardom and have made him well-known and

Is Gender Discrimination Really Gone? AG Barr defends Idaho’s ban on transgender athletes in women’s sports

Sports are for everyone.  Sports are universal. From the very beginning, sports have open opportunities for women to showcase their skills and talents in their respective expertise. However, gender discrimination and biases are still rampant and common stereotypes can be seen always. Although there are so many notable female athletes that made their spot remarkable the close-minded one is still there. The rise of the LGBTQIA + changed the game. The diversity among the gender and identity of each individuals stirred confusion and misunderstanding on which category they should belong with. Is this a big deal? Yes. Equality plays a

Tottenham take £175m Bank of England Loan to Ease Coronavirus Impact

Due to immediate lockdown that have caused too much trouble in our daily life as well in the business, Tottenham have borrowed £175m from the Bank of England to help them through and also as help to respond to the financial needs and funding of the necessities of the Covid-19 crisis. With the big amount that have lost during the lockdown, the club is on worry that they could not get even profit more than £200m of revenue in the period from the start of lockdown to June 2021, that includes broadcast rebates, and they have sought help from the

The Ball is on: NBA Set to Resume Action

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the NBA has been on hiatus for months and avid basketball fans were never been so excited to see their favorite NBA star players.  The NBA season was stopped due to the Covid-19 pandemic in March For the record, The NBA is set to become the first major North American sports league to make a huge comeback after the lift of lockdown in other states. Moreover, NBA will begin their play scheduled to resume on 31 July, according to multiple reports. On the other hand, the league’s board of governors has approved a plan that will

Brees Apologized After LeBron James Leads Backlash to QB’s Criticism of Anthem Protests

LeBron James – A commotion has sparked when Saints Quarter Back said he does not agree with peaceful protest during anthem.  Brees is considered one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history. He is the league’s all-time leader in passing yards and touchdowns. In 2016, Drew Brees have conversd to Colin Kaepernick after a game. The Saints quarterback on Wednesday expressed that he disagreed with Kaepernick’s protest during the national anthem This remark have made controversies and New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees has apologized for his lack of “compassion or empathy” after he said he disagrees with athletes protesting

Tennis Star Player, Rafael Nadal is Against Playing Again if there is No Guarantee for Safety Travel

Just like the other start athletes to get back on track to action, Rafael Nadal wants tennis to resume but not while Covid-19 remains a threat for everybody.  Rafael Nadal has expressed that tennis should not  be resumed until a vaccine is produced so that players are able to travel safely in order to compete around the world without a glimpse of hesitation and fear.  “If you asked me today if I want to travel to New York to play, I will say: ‘No, I will not.’ In a couple of months I don’t know how the situation will improve,”

How Katie Boulter Spent her Time While Waiting to Make Tennis Comeback

Katie Boulter has promising performance and labeled as the best younger British player on the block 15 months ago. Her career is finally at its peak with a performance -high ranking of 82 and amazing strokes making her career to soar high at the very young age. Fellow tennis player-legend, Naomi Osaka called her “really good” at Wimbledon 2018 and she looked it too as she played an instrumental role in Great Britain’s return to the Fed Cup world group II, winning on streak six of her seven Fed Cup matches including the decisive rubber at home against Kazakhstan in