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The Chicago Cubs: On the Road to a Championship Win?

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These suddenly feel like good times if you’re a Chicago Cubs fan. In fact, you might almost feel as if you’re walking on air after the club’s recent win over the Yankees in the New Yorkers’ own stadium. It was the first time the Cubs had ever beaten the Bronx Bombers, and they did so in splendid fashion.

The team eased to victory 3-0 over their hosts in the Yankee Stadium, with pitcher Jameson Taillon, who had spent the previous two seasons with the Yankees. Below is a look at the team’s season so far, including discussion of some of their best players, best results, who they’re looking to acquire in the draft and whether they could win the Major League Baseball championship this season.

Notable results

It’s been a strange season so far for the team, who have accumulated almost as many wins as they have losses. In recent times, they’ve emerged victorious 2-1 over both the Yankees and the Milwaukee Brewers, but appear to have bitten off more than they can chew against the Cleveland Guardians by losing 8-6 and 6-0 but managing a 10-1 win against the team.

The clashes with the Philadelphia Phillies have also been a bitter pill to swallow for the team. Evidently, when the team went into their matchups with the Guardians, they were still feeling the devasting impact of the 3-1, 8-5 and 5-1 losses the Phillies handed them. The encounters with the Pittsburgh Pirates have been more something to smile about, however, with happier endings of 7-2, 10-6 and 11-3.

Major players on the team

The team has some notable players on it who have been a real driving force. Here are some of them:

Danby Swanson

The shortstop had a career year while playing for the Atlanta Braves in 2022. He hit career highs in striking out rate, average exit velocity and hard hit rate, and appears to have traded making more contact for making hard contact. The Cubs may have made the signing of their century when they landed him in December 2022. Unfortunately for them, he’s on the injured list with a heel contusion, but the team will be hoping this All Star can return to action as soon as possible.

Nico Hoerner

Nico Hoerner teams up incredibly well up the middle with Dansby Swanson to form a solid defense and is another player the team will hope can stay off the injured list as long as possible. His return to second base comes as he has returned from the best season of his career. He’s a fantastic contact hitter and has major speed. These skills are overshadowed by his defensive ones. Analysts believe Hoerner could be the shortstop of the future for the Cubs.

Can the Cubs win the championship?

The team sits third in the National Central just now, but got the season off to a blistering start. Anyone studying MLB odds may well see them as contenders to lift the title trophy. Their adventures with free agents saw them receive some surprise odds of around +650 to win the division, and players such as Cody Bellinger, Danby Swanson and Jameson Taillon have all helped the team defy expectations so far this season. The $300 million investment the club made into the team definitely went down well with sportsbooks, who have shown much more confidence in the team than in 2022.

There’s no reason why the team can’t win the championship. Bellinger has carved himself a more or less permanent regular spot on the lineup, thanks to hitting several home runs and an excellent batting average. Swanson has settled well into his new side and maintains strong plate discipline and a fabulous ability to see pitches, which is reflected in his batting. Meanwhile, Hoerner is the team’s MVP and his solid partnership with Swanson is hurting opponents, much to the delight of the Cubs.

Who do the Cubs wish to acquire in the draft pick?

The Cubs have made significant investment in the team by acquiring some major picks on free agency. At one point, there were predictions in a mock draft that the club would gun for prep shortstop Arjun Nimmala or for high school prospects Colin Houck, Aiden Miller, Colt Emerson or Bryce Eldridge.

It turns out with their 13th overall pick in the first round of the draft, the team chose Matt Shaw, who is now looking to make it official and rise through the Cubs’ system. Shaw has posted a strong batting average and hit more than 20 home runs this year with the Maryland Terrapins. He seeks to do the same for the Cubs in the big league.

The Cubs have witnessed some pleasing results this season and have talented players who could really drive them to a championship win. They’re third in the standings just now and have almost as many wins as they do losses. This steady pace could see them lift a title.

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