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The Chi Season 6: Rolando Boyce Shines as ‘Darnell’

The Chi Season 6 Rolando Boyce Shines as Darnell_3
Photo Courtesy: Rolando Boyce /

By: Briana Edmonds (Ebony Lifestyle Magazine)

On May 10th, televisions around the world will tune into the season 6 premiere of ‘The Chi‘ on SHOWTIME/PARAMOUNT+. Once again, audiences will immerse themselves in the captivating world of the South Side of Chicago, catching up with beloved characters dealing with life’s complexities. Amidst the ensemble cast, one character stands out for his charisma and relatableness, one who wears his Bluetooth earpiece with old-school pride – Darnell, brilliantly portrayed by Rolando Boyce.

‘The Chi,’ Lena Waithe’s brainchild under her Hillman Grad banner and executive produced by Common, tells tales of connection, redemption, and the human spirit through a group of residents who are incidentally linked yet inevitably bound to each other. Production from 20th Television collaborates with the creative vision, enriching the series’ narrative fabric with heart-touching storylines and memorable characters.

This season, the emphasis leans heavily towards one such character, Darnell, portrayed by Rolando Boyce. Darnell, the father figure encrusted with an old-school charm, has quickly emerged as an audience favorite. Boyce, with his nuanced performance, balances the complex layers of Darnell’s unique hard-earned wisdom with an air of street-smart charisma. His portrayal instantly resonates with the audience, building a deep connection that keeps them rooting for his character, episode after episode.

The Chi Season 6 Rolando Boyce Shines as Darnell_2

Photo Courtesy: Rolando Boyce

Season six premieres with a bang, skyrocketing its way amongst the top Showtime streaming viewership. It begins with Emmett and Kiesha’s complicated union challenged by his risky associate Douda and the rippling effects of Q’s murder. Meanwhile, Victor’s convoluted history affects his city councilman role, whereas newlyweds Jada and Darnell fear for their son Emmett’s safety, given his precarious life choices. Concurrently, businesses flourish, families mourn, and individuals fight for their personal and professional goals.

Each actor profoundly embodies their characters, including Jacob Latimore, Alex Hibbert, Yolonda Ross, Shamon Brown Jr., Michael V. Epps, Birgundi Baker, Luke James, and Curtiss Cook. Fantastic guest stars such as Emmy winner Lynn Whitfield, Jill Marie Jones, Kadeem Hardison, Leon, Brett Gray, Daniel J. Watts, and others awe-inspiringly complement the main cast.

The Chi Season 6 Rolando Boyce Shines as Darnell

Photo Courtesy: Rolando Boyce

One of the highlights this season will undoubtedly be Rolando Boyce, whose distinctive performance as Darnell is expected to captivate audiences continuously. Rolando’s favorite quote from the legendary Muhammad Ali is ‘Me. We.’—taken from one of Ali’s poems—subtly reflects the actor’s firm belief in unity and collective action.

In one of the episodes, Darnell’s profound line, “All I know is, if you lay down with the devil… you gonna have fleas,” speaks volumes about the wisdom his character carries—an incisive eye for human nature and a prudent sense of judgment—qualities that make Darnell such an authentic, compelling character.

Fans eager to stay updated on Rolando’s exceptional portrayal of Darnell and his other projects can follow him on his social media accounts. To delve into Rolando Boyce’s world, connect with him on Instagram and Facebook.

The much-anticipated return of ‘The Chi’ promises more twists and turns, drama, and unforgettable moments. And through all this, the audience can rest assured knowing that Darnell, played by the magnanimous Rolando Boyce, will be there, winning hearts and echoing the spirit of the South Side with his distinctive persona, moving storylines, and compelling dialogues.

Published by: Martin De Juan

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