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Black Owned Brand offer New Generation of Natural Derived Floral Perfume

Perfume is like apparel that makes you just marvelous

They say scent defines you. Have you ever paused for a moment in the middle of applying fragrance and wondered why you are doing this? Are you doing it for the sake of the scent, to smell pleasant, or to complete your look? If you could not find the correct answer, here is the one for you.

You wear fragrance because it is a connection between you and yourself. Through aroma, you can appreciate your presence even when you are not in front of the mirror.

But the commercial scents and capitalized fragrance businesses have made the concept of scents a hoax. People are willing to buy whatever a celebrity is endorsing. The unique identity, the signature style, emotions, feelings, and self-confidence are long abandoned.

But we are bringing a revolution. The kind of floral perfume that will remind you of all the mesmerizing moments you have spent in your life, all the memories you have collected. Nothing fake. Nothing artificial or capitalistic. Just a fragrance that smells like flowers and feels as human and imperfect as every creature on the planet.

Tabbeau Cherry Saffron is an icon fragrance handcrafted in the USA. It smells everything sweet, cozy, warm, floral, fruity, and lovely. Oozing cherries and almonds, this fragrance is a perfect gift for someone you love and care about, be it yourself or your loved ones.

This unisexual product keeps the base of Roasted Tonka Bean, Peru Balsam, and Sandalwood. The middle is Rose, Jasmine Sambac, Cherry Syrup, while the top is Cherry and Bitter Almond.

This exotic fragrance has been created with delicacy and prudence. Wearing it will feel warm and gorgeous. The scent is like a powerful cocktail which makes it easy for a fragrance to build a link with a person or an event. Do you want to be remembered by something gentle and soothing? There is nothing better to pick up than Cherry Saffron.Make it your lifestyle, wear it every day, and be remembered as someone who smells everything sweet. Be your best version and adopt the Black-owned Tabbeau brand products as your scent. Indeed, you will love the life where you put on a floral aroma every day.

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