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Björk’s Fossora Remixes: Record Store Day 12” Double Single

Icelandic singer-songwriter Björk released a double A-side 12″ vinyl featuring her recent remixes by Irish-Scottish music producer Sega Bodega (featuring English rapper Shygirl) and Icelandic electronic music group sideproject for Record Store Day 2023. The vinyl has a reversible two-image sleeve with Nick Knight and Vidar Logi imagery and black metallic hot foil lettering that M/M Paris designed. The vinyl itself is also crystal-clear.

What Did the Track Emphasize?

Sega Bodega’s remix of ‘Ovule’ featuring Shygirl highlights the powerful percussion in the track. The Irish-Scottish music producer stated that creating the remix was gratifying because it brought everything full circle. The trio spent an evening listening to their favorite music at Shy’s place, which inspired them to create the remix. They also wanted to ensure the remix was fast-paced to match their musical preferences. 

What Are Björk’s Thoughts on the Collaboration?

Björk worked with the sideproject to create some beats on their album ‘fossora’. They then collaborated on a remix of ‘atopos,’ which Björk truly loved. She also praised the electronic music group for their talent and for making her excited about the future of music in Reykjavik. 

The Icelandic singer-songwriter was also honored when Shy and Sega remixed her music, the two artists who added their unique touches to the song. She felt humbled to see them perform it live in London and thanked them for their collaboration. They took the versions from her Grammy-nominated album ‘fossora’ released in September. Publications The New York Times and Pitchfork recognized it as one of the year’s top albums.  

Why Is Björk Still Famous Today?

Björk excels in music, art, fashion, and technology. The Icelandic singer-songwriter is best known for her unique approach to music, where she writes, arranges, and produces her music catalog. She collaborates with scientists, app developers, writers, inventors, musicians, and instrument makers. Her innovative and experimental nature has also redefined the traditional definition of a musician, inspiring many.

What’s Going On With Her Latest Album?

Björk has always been fascinated by the natural world, and fans can hear and see it in her music, as seen in her album Biophilia. Her latest project, Fossora, draws inspiration from the Latin word for “burrower” and explores soil, nesting, and burial themes. During the lockdown in Iceland, she worked on this project, hosting small parties featuring gabber music, a type of Dutch techno from the 90s.

What Did Record Store Day 2023 Offer for Fans?

One Little Independent Records released Bjork’s remix album from her latest release, fossora, on 12” vinyl as a Record Store Day (RSD) exclusive last April 22, 2023. It features Sega Bodega and sideproject remixes, and there were only 2,300 copies available. 

Who Is Sega Bodega?

Sega Bodega is a producer, performer, and label head famous for his otherworldly production style. He has released solo albums and worked on countless projects, including A&R and the development of artists under his NUXXE label, acclaimed production for artists like Caroline Polachek and Shygirl, and his groundbreaking solo work. Writers featured him in Dazed 100 as of the most influential artists in art and media. 

Who Is Shygirl? 

Shygirl’s debut album ‘Nymph’ explores themes of intimacy, sexual desires, and romantic frustrations over lush production with various genres. She shares a woman’s journey that people sought after and overlooked, dealing with self-love and prowess.

Who Is Sideproject? 

Sideproject is a group of three musicians specializing in electronic music who hails from Reykjavik, Iceland. Their music is known for its intricate and fast-paced beats and textured and flowing synths. They get inspiration from various sources, creating a unique blend of electronic sounds.


What are your thoughts on Björk’s latest project? Do you like the original or remixed versions better? Also, did you get your vinyl copy during Record Store Day 2023? Let us know! 

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