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Barbara Majeski and the Inspiring Story Behind One of Television’s Most Well-Loved Face

Barbara Majeski, also known as the Curator of the Good, has been a well-loved face over the years. She is someone who entertains viewers with her classy wit, unforgettable smile, and impeccable taste in lifestyle, entertainment, and travel. Her television comeback was more than just a segment relaunch; it was the return of a woman who carries a story of triumph, restoration, and newfound passion for life. 

Barbara Majeski has had TV appearances in shows like the Today Show, Inside Edition, NY Live, Chicago the Jam, and Good Day New York. But before being where she is now, she had to get through situations she would never imagine to overcome.

Back in 2015, she had to succumb to the reality that her marriage was coming to an inevitable end. As if getting a divorce was not life-altering enough, she was also diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. Anyone in Barbara Majeski’s position would have easily crumbled, but she mustered all the courage she could possibly find within her to give herself one big push to fight cancer without a spouse being there to support her and look after their three children. 

As she was receiving her treatment, she made herself a promise that if she were given a second chance to live out her life, she would be bolder, bigger, and better than before. As she braved the storm brought about by her cancer and divorce, she did manage to find the strength and the grace to come up with a more hopeful, determined, and passionate person. Grateful that she surpassed that grueling and unforgiving season in her life, Barbara Majeski returned to television, more vibrant than ever. 

Inspiring people with her story of triumph and recovery is now one of her priorities, and it inspired the launch of her own podcast called Baring It All, which is available on her personal website. She features celebrities, entrepreneurs, and influencers who have an impactful message to share with her audience. Just recently, she launched a club on Clubhouse, naming it the same as her podcast. Both platforms enable her to reach a massive audience: people who need to hear stories that bring hope, inspire courage, spark change, and trigger a desire to become the best version of themselves. 

Alongside her television projects and podcast, Barbara Majeski is also a philanthropist and avid yogi. For her, finding the right balance in life is of utmost importance. Making time to relax, meditate, unwind, and commune with nature is her way of giving herself a break from life challenges. 

Barbara is best known for her authenticity and transparency. She is also a woman of substance, sophisticated fashion sense, and impeccable taste. These are mostly what draws her audience to her personality on camera, and her following has been growing steadily over the years across the country. 

Having survived what she did in the past, Barbara Majeski hopes to give hope to others who suffer in silence. They, too, can find solace in starting all over again. 

Learn more about Barbara Majeski’s inspiring life story by visiting her website. Follow her on Instagram to get the latest updates on her projects.

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