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Sarah Alysse on Recalibrating Lifestyles and Finding Balance in Self-Care, Fitness, and Nutrition

Photo Credit: Erik Marthaler

Achieving an ideal balance between career and personal life is one of the greatest pursuits of this generation. Along the process of doing so, many individuals encounter a lot of stress that deters them from having a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. Sarah Alysse, a recognized creative stress management and fitness coach, changes the narrative by proving that the balance is possible. 

Sarah Alysse is the founder and CEO of Live Well Enhance You, a company that focuses on helping corporate executives and entrepreneurs find balance in career and personal life. She is best known for her most popular personalized coaching program called Enhance Your Life. The coach examines the areas in her clients’ lives that need tweaking and addresses the roots of their health concerns. Her three-pillar solution to success are stress management, fitness, and nutrition; three core solutions to provide working professionals with ideal and tangible practices that will change their way of life.

“My clients and I focus on understanding their brain-gut connection, developing mindfulness around their stressors, and enhancing fitness performance with functional movements,” says Sarah Alysse. “Over a decade, I have trained a variety of clients and I have noticed that their underlying problem is stress. If we manage our stressors, behavioral changes are easier to make and then everything else falls into place,” she adds. 

Sarah Alysse implements her fun “SOULutions” to counter her clients’ stress factors. Over the years, she has reinvigorated the lives of a myriad of individuals across the country. Her success has been featured across major platforms, including Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, US Reporter, and LA Wire. Also, the coach has been featured on WGN Around Town’s segment as a “Stress Management Expert”. 

With her BFA in Musical Theater, Sarah Alysse fully understands the connection between the brain and the body. Additionally, she uses her background in dance to assist her clients maximize their bodies to tackle whatever activity that their career or personal life may demand. 

The coach has acquired various certifications throughout her career to serve her clients better. She is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, a STOTT Pilates certified Instructor, a Keiser’s Cycling Foundations, TRX Instructor, Total Barre Instructor, a NASM Certified Personal trainer, and Master Trainer for bellicon move, bellicon bounce, and bellicon circle. 

“My passion for stress management coaching developed when my father was diagnosed with stage IV kidney cancer. After he passed away, my mission has been to provide corporate clientele the necessary tools to find balance. ​Stress can eventually break down your body, causing inflammation, so it’s important to develop your stress toolkit now,” shares Sarah Alysse. 

Today, Sarah Alysse is honoring her father by guiding individuals and professionals into a healthier lifestyle to spend more time with their loved ones. Even amid the pandemic, the coach remains proactive with her mission by serving clients through the digital space anywhere in the world. 

Asked what she currently is focused on, Sarah Alysse proudly said that she recently launched her podcast called Stress Free SOULutions with Sarah. She offers advice about stress reduction and converses with experts on their own wellness challenges. The coach also aims to write a book about her health and fitness journey to inspire others to overcome their challenges and live their best lives. 

Learn more about Sarah Alysse and Live Well Enhance You on their website.

Listen to Stress Free SOULutions Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher.

Connect with her personal Instagram page and brand’s Instagram page.

Yung Hassi: From Fired Employee to Millionaire Influencer

Four years ago, Yung Hassi was an unpopular high schooler with no promising future. Whenever he went to school, the other kids made fun of him and called him names. Whenever he got a job, his boss would end up firing him after a short amount of time. It just didn’t seem like Hassi could do anything right.

So, like most teenagers that want to escape from their troubles, Hassi immersed himself in the world of social media. He was a big fan of the humorous internet memes as they relate to celebrities in the entertainment industry. This gave him the idea to create social media pages which revolve around different memes. He picked Twitter and Instagram as the two main social media networks to create his pages on.

In 2016, just one year after he started doing this, Hassi amassed nearly 5 million followers in total on both Twitter and Instagram. When he realized the potential that he had to make money from all these followers, he started running ads on his meme pages just to see what would happen. Sure enough, he generated more than six figures during his first year. Every year after that, his income kept growing and growing.

After accumulating more than 15 million followers, Hassi started to capture the attention of major artists like Logan Paul, Lil Yachty, Snoop Dogg, and Ray J. Hassi began working with them as a promoter of their latest songs and works. This is what earned him bigtime money that escalated him to millionaire status. It is hard to believe that only 4 years ago, Hassi was a broke teenager with no job. That is the power of social media.

Hassi no longer depends on meme pages alone to promote his clients’ advertisements. He has used his popularity to start his own personal page on Instagram too. This page already has over 100,000 followers in counting. As a result, Hassi is officially an Instagram influencer because of his large fanbase. If he recommends a product or service to his followers, they are going to listen.

Imagine the power that somebody like Hassi has now. When a client pays him to recommend their product, that recommendation could potentially be seen by 100,000 people. But even if only 20% of those people pay attention to the recommendation, that’s 20,000 people who may decide to purchase the product being suggested. It is no wonder why celebrities are paying him five figures just to make one post which recommends their songs and albums.

Hassi continues to work hard every day and push himself to the limit. He knows that’s what it takes to grow followers on social media and to keep his existing followers happy. After all, if he doesn’t keep posting relevant content that his followers want to see, then they’ll unsubscribe or unfollow his pages. So, he has a continued responsibility to produce good content that his followers want to see. Not all of his content is product recommendations because that’ll seem too spammy to them.