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Why Wavy Baby Brows Believes Ombre Powder Brows Are the Future of Brow Aesthetics

Ombre powder brows have been a big trend as of late as it provides people with a more long-lasting eyebrow solution that still looks natural.  Wavy Baby Brows is one business that has brought the powder brow movement to a new level, showing that it’s an excellent option for anyone who’s looking for an eyebrow finish that they can proudly show off. 

Wavy Baby Brows was started by brow artist Kierra Pershall who started her business not too long ago but has already had a swarm of bookings. She attributes a lot of her success to the fantastic result that powder brows have on her clients, but it’s also hard to neglect that she does it so well. Her clients have noted her work for the masterful finish, some noting that it looks like she’s been doing it for decades. 

A few months ago, Pershall opened her business up and started taking eyebrow workup bookings. In as little as two months, she would see tremendous growth. When starting Wavy Baby Brows, Kierra intended to simply create a space where women could feel beautiful and confident. However, she sticks to a no judgment rule and provides service to anyone who walks through her doors. 

Before starting Wavy Baby Brows, Kierra found herself in industries and workplaces where people were often judged for their appearance. “It made people feel limited,” shares Pershall. “I wanted to take another step towards conquering that by creating a community where people don’t have to worry about other people’s opinions.” Accordingly, Wavy Baby Brows has grown into a brand that stands for acceptance and inclusion, something that has become a battle cry across this nation in a time of great difference-based divide. 

Kierra’s decision to focus on eyebrows wasn’t random. After chancing upon a study that showed how facial features like lips and eyebrows tended to fade with age, she realized how important the eyebrows are to retaining or returning a youthful glow. In addition, women spend hours fixing their eyebrows from scratch every week, costing them a lot of time and effort. With Wavy Baby Brows’ ombre powder brows, women no longer have to spend that much time and can free themselves up to do other things. 

Ombre powder brows are different from microblading, another semi-permanent eyebrow styling technique that has become popular now. Where microblading uses a small carving blade to cut into the skin and put in the pigment, ombre brows use a less invasive machine than microblading, allowing for shorter downtimes and lesser risks of infection or allergic reactions. 

Kierra hopes to one day expand her business and open a salon or beauty center where she can serve more people and collaborate with other creative minds on other services that will help build confidence in people, especially women. She believes that aesthetics go more profound than most people think and that there’s nothing “shallow” about wanting to look your best. 

Before offering ombre brow styling, Kierra Pershall was a YouTube vlogger who shared her journey as a mom and wife. She is married to Nathan Pershall, who is also a successful businessman. Learn more about Wavy Baby Brows and Kierra Pershall by visiting their Instagram profile.

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