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Wear your Patriotism through Official Patriot Gear®

America has always been a place of opportunity for all, but many were left with few options during the later months of 2020. Fueled by a desire to help struggling small businesses, Ian Wendt rallied together his social media following to raise funds to keep businesses, and the American dream, alive and well. 

As his reach grew, so did his mission. After raising tens of thousands of dollars for individuals all over the country, Ian recognized the beauty in the fact that not one of the people who donated ever asked who the money was going to; they were simply willing to help their fellow Americans, regardless of what they believed in or where they came from. Ian was struck with the realization that what he was experiencing was the true definition of the word patriot. His supporters continued to ask for ways to help, so he created the patriot tee as a way for people to show their pride, patriotism, and support for the United States and the people within it. 

What began with a single olive tee quickly grew into a worldwide brand and movement. “I felt called to something bigger and chose to leave my former career behind. Starting with the original Patriot tee, I began producing more and more products as the demand grew and gave people worldwide a voice and a way to stand up for what they believed in and lived every day. I never planned on starting a brand. I only wanted to raise awareness, spread truth, stand up for freedom and give everyone who wanted to do the same a way to,” shared Ian Wendt.  Patriot’s message of unity and being willing to stand for freedom resonated with individuals across the globe, who proudly show their love of their country by sporting the patriot logo. The beauty of the Patriot® name is that regardless of what country you occupy, if you love your country and the people in it, and you want them to be free and thrive, and you’re willing to defend those freedoms, that country, and those people, you are a patriot. 

Official Patriot Gear® is owned and operated by Ian and Madeline Wendt. Based out of Idaho, their flagship store opens later this year and continues to create American jobs as it expands. Each Patriot® Friday, the brand grows as individuals in over 48 countries proudly represent it while sharing their love of the country. 

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