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Visionaries Unveiled: Brian Lo and Martin Li on Markato’s Revolutionary Path

Visionaries Unveiled: Brian Lo and Martin Li on Markato's Revolutionary Path
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The journey of Markato, the Hong Kong-based B2B retail revolutionizer, is closely intertwined with the vision and passion of its co-founders, Brian Lo and Martin Li. In this article, we delve into the insights shared by these visionary leaders. We offer you a glimpse into their mission, the challenges they seek to overcome, and the transformative potential they see in Markato’s innovative platform.

Mission and Vision

For Brian Lo and Martin Li, Markato is more than just a business venture. It’s a mission to redefine the way B2B retail operates in Asia. Their vision centers around solving a longstanding challenge: the costly and inefficient process of sourcing global brands in Asia. The co-founders aim to make this process cost-effective, efficient, and accessible to a broader range of retailers and buyers.

The mission is to connect the world’s independent brands with Asian retailers and buyers. They bridge the gap between the demand for unique global products and the supply of such brands in the Asian market. Brian Lo and Martin Li aspire to empower retailers and consumers by providing a platform where innovative brands from around the world can thrive and flourish.

Challenges in Sourcing Global Brands

The challenges in sourcing global brands in Asia are numerous and multifaceted. Traditionally, this process has been marred by high costs, inefficiencies, and time-intensive offline coordination. The risk associated with high inventory costs and uncertain demand further complicates the task for retailers.

Brian Lo and Martin Li understand these challenges firsthand, given their experience in leading marketplace businesses across Asia. They recognize that sourcing new brands from outside of Asia strain limited resources and increase risk. Markato is their response to these challenges, a solution that addresses the needs of retailers and buyers in a rapidly evolving market.

Transformative Potential

Markato’s platform is envisioned to be a transformative force in the B2B retail landscape. By leveraging proprietary technology and cross-border infrastructure, it connects brands with new retail opportunities in Asia. The transformative potential of Markato lies in its ability to lower transaction costs for both retailers and brands, making it easier for businesses to access the Asian B2B wholesale and retail market.

The platform empowers retailers to diversify their product mix, attract new customers, and generate higher sales by offering unique global brands. Simultaneously, it provides brands with a channel to reach untapped markets in Asia, where consumer demand for innovative products is on the rise. The result is a win-win situation for both brands and retailers.


Brian Lo and Martin Li’s vision for Markato is to create a more connected and efficient retail ecosystem where retailers tap into a global marketplace and access a curated mix of unique global brands. The co-founders are driving change by eliminating capital constraints, reducing risk, and digitizing traditionally offline and inefficient processes. Their vision is not only about revolutionizing B2B retail but also about empowering businesses and consumers alike.

Markato’s journey is just beginning, but with leaders like Brian Lo and Martin Li at the helm, it is poised to transform the B2B retail landscape, making it more accessible and dynamic than ever before.

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