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Top Five Characteristics of a Professional Ballet Dancer

Top Five Characteristics of a Professional Ballet Dancer

Being a professional ballet dancer requires the innate talent to interpret and communicate stories and feelings through physical form. Ballet dancers provide a unique blend of athleticism and artistic flair regarding their unique moves and poses. They rely on certain traits that help make them great dancers, the top five of which are explained here:


When it comes to learning ballet, it is not about just memorizing a few steps and repeating them once or twice to be considered perfect. Ballet takes time, effort, and patience, which is the most important. Even if a person has a natural affinity for ballet, it can take weeks, months, if not years, to perfect certain skills or movements. An example of this is executing the En pointe technique in classical ballet. One is bound to make mistakes and encounter obstacles in the form of tricky techniques that will require a certain level of patience to work through.


Anyone looking to become a professional ballet dancer must understand that it will take a lot of motivation and determination to work through any obstacles. Even if it feels like a person has not made much progress, a strong sense of determination and an even stronger sense of will eventually pay off.


To succeed professionally as a dancer, one should be confident in one’s abilities and talent. Self-belief strengthens a dancer’s confidence in their skills and is the key to helping them take on new challenges as they advance.


Practice makes perfect, a phrase that comprises only three words yet holds a lot of power. If a ballet dancer wants to be great at their craft, they should get used to practicing certain techniques and steps over and over until they achieve perfection. This requires a lot of discipline in a dancer’s everyday life as well, as they have to dedicate a certain amount of time to practicing dance.

Enthusiasm and Passion

Whenever people think of something they love, they feel a bubble of excitement rising within them and happiness filling their very souls. This is how one should feel when passionate about something, and ballet is no different. A person lacking passion and enthusiasm for ballet may face challenges in achieving professional excellence. Lacking the passion to learn, practice or even watch other great ballet dancers may prevent a person from reaching the level of professionalism and greatness they desire. Ballet, or any other type of dance, heavily depends on these two emotions.

To be considered an experienced ballet dancer, one must work hard and dedicate oneself to reaching one’s full potential in any profession. If one has the drive and passion, then the sky’s the limit.

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Top Five Characteristics of a Professional Ballet Dancer

Photo Courtesy: Brittany O’Connor

Renowned artist Brittany O’Connor is acknowledged for her tenacity and grit. Despite starting ballet later than most, she secured contracts with major U.S. and European ballet companies. She transitioned successfully to the commercial sector, featuring in TV shows and films. Brittany is a soloist and choreographer for Andrea Bocelli’s World Tour and a Youth American Grand Prix judge. She mentors budding dancers, assisting them in reaching their full potential. Those who follow Brittany’s path of conquering many obstacles are motivated to strive for their goals and well-being.


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