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The Power of Incremental Progress: AtkCo’s 1% Rule for Success

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Shayna Atkin through AtkCo has introduced a groundbreaking philosophy that is revolutionizing the process improvement landscape. Known as the 1% Rule for Success, AtkCo’s approach underscores the immense power of incremental progress in driving meaningful and sustainable growth. Through this unique methodology, Shayna Atkins and her team are leveraging small changes to achieve remarkable outcomes, while data-driven measurements provide the foundation for accelerated business growth.

AtkCo, a dynamic process improvement firm led by CEO Shayna Atkins, is reshaping the traditional approach to problem-solving and transformation. At the heart of their success lies the innovative 1% Rule—a philosophy inspired by the principles outlined in James Clear’s bestseller, “Atomic Habits.” This rule posits that by making consistent, incremental improvements of just 1%, businesses can achieve substantial success over time.

“We believe that at the core of all problems we solve, is how you solve it. That is how we take our clients from problem solving to acceleration,” states Shayna Atkins. AtkCo’s approach emphasizes that significant transformations can be achieved by focusing on the process of solving problems, rather than solely on the outcome. This unique perspective has led to the creation of a methodology that drives continuous improvement and sustainable growth.

The journey to success through the 1% Rule begins with the recognition that every aspect of an organization’s operations presents an opportunity for improvement. AtkCo’s methodology involves identifying these areas and making small, purposeful changes that collectively contribute to significant progress. The strategy extends beyond the internal workings of a company; it encompasses partnerships that drive digital modernization, ultimately enhancing customer experiences.

“We believe if you shift the way you work, you improve how you live,” says Shayna Atkins. AtkCo’s ethos is rooted in the understanding that shifting behaviors and habits within an organization can lead to transformative results. By embracing the 1% Rule, companies not only optimize their processes but also cultivate a culture of continuous improvement—a culture that resonates with the 1% incremental mindset.

AtkCo’s vision is clear: Shift the way you work, improve how you live. Their mission is to guide global organizations in simplifying complexities within the digital landscape by implementing strategic improvements. AtkCo’s purpose is evident in their commitment to transforming ways of working, ultimately propelling clients from problem-solving to accelerated growth. The values they uphold—dependability, consistent value delivery, embracing the unknown, and human-centered solutions—underscore their dedication to sustainable success.

The differentiation of AtkCo’s approach lies in its dynamic adaptation to changing contexts. Unlike traditional consulting firms that rely on pre-defined frameworks, AtkCo’s flexibility ensures solutions are aligned with industry trends and organizational needs. “We adjust year to year, listen to the market, etc.,” Shayna Atkins confirms. This commitment to evolution ensures that AtkCo’s solutions remain not only effective but also relevant.

Moreover, AtkCo’s role extends beyond consultancy; they are true partners in their clients’ journey towards success. With comprehensive training, implementation consulting, and value-based contracting, AtkCo invests in their clients’ growth, aligning their achievements with mutual prosperity.

Shayna Atkins’ personal journey adds depth to AtkCo’s philosophy. As an active-duty military spouse and entrepreneur, Shayna’s resilience and adaptability shine through in her leadership. “Being an active-duty military spouse scaling a business in the tech industry is a big piece of my life that makes me different,” Shayna Atkins reveals. Her ability to navigate personal challenges and business success demonstrates the 1% Rule in action, highlighting how small changes can lead to significant accomplishments.

Furthermore, Shayna Atkins’ multi-generational entrepreneurship and educational background—a Physics major from Spelman College—underscore her commitment to excellence. AtkCo’s global, remote-first approach to operations, combined with its diverse workforce, reflects Shayna’s dedication to inclusivity and innovation.

“I want readers to understand that systems can really impact your life and your health. My hope is that we scale as slow as we must,” Shayna Atkins shares. Her vision for AtkCo revolves around cultivating sustainable growth, fostering authentic culture, and generating a positive impact that extends beyond business boundaries. Recent recognition as an Inc 5000 fastest-growing private company in America, ranking within the top third at 1395, attests to the tangible impact of AtkCo’s approach.

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