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Tarot Stories: A Journey of Myth and Magic

Photo Courtesy: Nsikyan Inyang
Photo Courtesy: Nsikyan Inyang

Christopher Polidoro, an emerging voice in literature, has created a captivating blend of mythology, religion, and folklore in his new book, Tarot Stories which is set for release on July 30th, 2024. This engaging compilation weaves together diverse narratives, from Greek mythology to the legend of Santa Claus, brought to life by a talented team of illustrators who crafted unique, personalized artwork for each story. This book holds special meaning for Christopher. It is dedicated to his childhood friend Christina, who passed away. Her words, “I can’t wait to see what you become,” have inspired him throughout his journey. Tarot Stories is not just a book; it’s a heartfelt tribute to her memory and a reflection of their bond.

The blend of storytelling and life lessons is perfect for any reader and has an appeal to young adult fiction enthusiasts, mythology buffs, and those interested in American symbolism. Christopher has seamlessly integrated Native American influences and diverse perspectives into this collection, making it a unique read. Each story stands out with its distinct font and visual identity, offering a fresh experience for readers who appreciate the fusion of art and narrative. One of the book’s highlights is its exploration of various themes, from the joyous tales of Santa Claus to deeper journeys of self-identity and personal growth. It’s a hunt for wisdom, encapsulated in short stories that carry profound messages. Christopher’s research into tarot cards and ancient texts from the 1400s has imbued the book with a rich, historical depth.

Interestingly, despite his extensive research, Christopher has decided to step away from reading tarot cards. He felt that while the pursuit of wisdom is essential, it is equally important to share that wisdom with others. This realization led him to compile Tarot Stories, ensuring that readers can enjoy the essence of tarot without delving into the cards themselves.

The book is not just for tarot readers but for anyone who enjoys stories told in unique and visually engaging ways. It’s perfect for those who appreciate the symbolism, wisdom, and fun interwoven into each tale. Christopher aimed to create a summer gift, and with the book’s mid-summer release, he is thrilled to see his hard work come to fruition.

Christopher’s journey into storytelling began in his youth when he found joy in writing and creating. Partnering with artists and illustrators, he has added layers of character and uniqueness to Tarot Stories. The collaborative effort includes contributions from tech enthusiasts, leather workers, and artists of various backgrounds, making this book a vibrant mosaic of creativity. Beyond his literary pursuits, Christopher is currently completing his Juris Doctor degree. Balancing his academic responsibilities with his passion for writing, he credits his supportive family for his achievements. He considers himself fortunate to have a network that encourages his creative endeavors.

Tarot Stories is not like a normal book because each story has its own experience and lessons. It offers readers a chance to explore new perspectives and embark on a journey through myth and magic. As Christopher and his team continue to promote this project, he invites readers to join him on social media and connect with him as he progresses in his academic and literary journey.

The book is available in both paperback and audiobook formats, with the audiobook on Audible, making it accessible to a wider audience. Christopher hopes that Tarot Stories will resonate with readers and inspire them, much like the stories within the book have inspired him. To connect with Christopher Polidoro and follow his journey, reach out to him on Instagram, @christopherpolidoro, and request access to his private facebook group built around the publishing process and power of storytelling. Tarot Stories is set to release on July 30th, 2024 so make sure to join the adventure and witness the magic of storytelling unfold.

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