Meet Cole Luis DaSilva-Business Mentor to 1400 Fitness Coaches

With the fitness industry expanding and evolving continuously, the need for personal trainers and fitness coaches has increased drastically. Today, people prefer a personal experience; an experience they can enjoy and feel connected with, rather than blatantly following others. But while we only get to see the work of fitness coaches, little do we know about those who are actually behind their success. Have you ever wondered who makes these fitness enthusiasts into successful coaches and who helps them connect with clients while growing and revolutionizing the fitness industry?  

These are business mentors, people with extraordinary entrepreneurial skills, the energy that never fades and, most importantly, passion for achieving what no one ever has. And there is no better example than Cole Luis DaSilva, a man who has not only helped hundreds of individuals transform their lives through fitness but now mentors over 1400 fitness coaches to grow their online businesses.  

Coming from the industry himself, Cole DaSilva understands how incredibly hard it can be to grow and reach your target audience. This is why he teaches personal trainers how to start and scale their online businesses so that they can escape the rat race once and for all.   

Today, Cole makes a seven-figure income and is living his dream life.  

However, it wasn’t always this easy. 

Growing up in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Cole’s only focus when he was younger was drinking and drugs after dealing with financial struggles and abuse when he was a child. He ended up trying to face life on his own, couch surfing at the age of 15 and eventually finding his roots around the age of 20 when he moved to Calgary, Alberta, to become an ironworker. 

Even though he thought that would be a fresh start, unfortunately, it didn’t end up that way. Not having a lot of friends, he’s included himself very quickly, focusing on only work in the bar, and after a year or so, he developed a Percocet addiction. Spiraling out of control, he found himself thousands of dollars in debt, alone, and struggling with alcohol and Percocets.  

It wasn’t until he found fitness that his life changed completely. “If it weren’t for fitness, I wouldn’t be here today.” 

“Fitness saved me. Not only did it give me an outlet to escape my current situation, but it let me down the path of self-improvement, personal training, so I could help others, and now business coaching rum impact in thousands,” explained Cole Luis DaSilva. 

Though Cole does not have a fancy business degree, it did not stop him from excelling as a businessman. 

After being stuck in an ironworking job for three years, Cole got two group training certifications and became a personal trainer. He worked as a personal trainer at an up-north location at Fort Mac for only three months before deciding it was time for him to start his own venture. 

He then got certified as a sports nutritionist, a certified personal trainer, and a bodybuilding specialist through ISSA while beginning his online business. 

And the rest is history. Cole then went on to help hundreds of individuals transform. Their bodies are fitness online beside his business partner and best friend Brian Mark today.

And since then, he has not only started his own clothing brand Amarok Aesthetics, but he has also bought a gym alongside his business partner and best friend and started an extremely successful business coaching company PT Domination, where he helps personal trainers and online fitness coaches grow their online businesses.  

He has a social media following of 1 million over multiple platforms and has helped around 2500 online trainers start their online businesses, with eight of them earning over $100,000 online organically & over 270 earning over $10,000 a month organically.

Being an online entrepreneur is lonely; this was perhaps one of the primary motivations behind starting PT Domination. “We wanted to build other online entrepreneurs so they could live the same way we are,” he revealed. Moreover, because he had worked as a trainer himself, he understood the struggles that went into it. “Not to mention, I understand what it’s like to be a personal trainer at a gym. I only did it for three months, and not only did it barely pay, I also got treated horribly,” he added.  

From struggling with his addictions to becoming a passionate fitness enthusiast who has worked with big names like Phil Heath: 7-time Mr. Olympia Champion, Bedros Keuilian & more, Cole Luis DaSilva has come a long way. And there is no stopping him.  

However, he doesn’t take all the credit for his success. “My partner Brian Mark has truly inspired me. When I met him, I hired him to be my fitness coach because I needed to get away from drinking and drugs. I wanted to change my life,” Cole informed. “While I was training under him for my first fitness competition, I watched him work as an online entrepreneur. Seeing that he was able to generate an astounding income as well as impact countless people from home was something that sparked my mind and made me want to pursue the same thing.” 

Every once in a while, we come across people who, with their determination and enthusiasm, change the way things work, and Cole Luis DaSilva is surely one of them. 

This relentless young man lives without regrets, knows what he wants, and goes for it. After all, he believes that when you show up every single day regardless of how you feel and give your 100%, you are bound to get results!