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DUBAI LEAF Redefining Beauty and Boosting Confidence with Quality Products and Services

Confidence is one of man’s biggest adornments, and physical looks cannot be discounted from the things that contribute to part of a person’s self-esteem. DUBAI LEAF is a brand that cares about the beauty, looks and confidence of its customers and actively works hard to ensure they not only look good but feel good. Offering premium 24K gold treatments, cosmetics and tools, DUBAI LEAF has established itself as the go-to place for people who want to get a reboot on their wellness. The company came to life when the owners traveled to Dubai and saw everyone getting 24K pure gold facial treatment. This piqued their interest, and they immediately began working on building a brand that could offer a similar service to all with the firm belief that all deserve high-quality care.

The company’s goal is to attract every customer type to patronize its services and products and derive satisfaction from them. DUBAI LEAF has a mission of redefining beauty through quality products that work and boost confidence. Founded by Haveen Sindi the creative, DUBAI LEAF boasts of some noteworthy products and services, one of which is the Pure Gold Plus Hydrogel Eye Masks, which nominees and media teams will receive as souvenirs at the 2021 Gold Globe and Grammy Awards. 

DUBAI LEAF is safety-compliant. It prides itself on the all natural ingredients that make up each of its products, such as Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin A and C, new and trendy fruit and flower extracts, of watermelon, plum, honeysuckle and more. The company targets people who are passionate about health, wellness, beauty, self-care and cosmetics. On the competitive value that DUBAI LEAF offers, Haveen Sindi says, “Before DUBAI LEAF came to life, I carried out some extensive research and found that no brand offered the type of service I had in mind. Either their audience was for “the elite,” or it lacked that exciting value. Outwardly, we are a smart, cool, and forward-thinking brand. Once you get to know us, the intent of our products is to have others believe that they are caring for themselves first then project that happiness to all those that surrounds them. We place a premium on self-care and wellness.”

Building a brand for Haveen Sindi was just a way for her to share the things she loves with other people while creating a fun and social outlet where people can enjoy themselves and feel appreciated. DUBAI LEAF was established to give others a chance to take better care of themselves through affordable luxury. As an entrepreneur passionate about creating value, Haveen Sindi set out to do exactly that with his company while giving people the confidence boost they need to smash their goals.

Her five-year goal is to see DUBAI LEAF holding all the essential beauty products in stores nationally and internationally. She wants to see DUBAI LEAF as the gold standard for quality beauty and skincare products. “I want there to be an engraved connotation that when you see a person using DUBAI LEAF products that they want the best for themselves and others,” Haveen says. As the company continues to grow and acquire more customers, Haveen looks forward to a bright future with a long line of products that will revolutionize the beauty industry while holding on to those traditional ways that stood the test of time.

Learn more about Dubai Leaf on the official website.

Jessie Klaus Works With PBFC to Assist Beauty Professionals With COVID Woes

Jessie Klaus knows the struggle of professionals in her field as a member of the 1.2 million people of the beauty industry. With most large functions canceled and buyer confidence still low in the beauty and makeup arena, hundreds of thousands of workers and many other small businesses face unemployment and business closures. But as the government starts rolling out paycheck protection program (PPP) loans, Jessie has begun a campaign alongside the Professional Beauty Federation to raise awareness on available support to curb the pandemic’s economic effects. 

Late in 2020, the government rolled out a PPP for small businesses and independent contractors struggling to get back on their feet. Jessie Klaus became one of the early recipients. But even as she received her support, she was surprised that many of her colleagues weren’t aware of it. As the first round has closed and the next round draws, Jessie has committed to spreading the word to beauty professionals.

Jessie has started working with the Professional Beauty Federation of California and its founder to tap into beauty industry channels and spread the message about the payroll protection program that could save thousands of businesses in the United States. The federation has partnered with Biz2Credit, a financial strategy firm that has helped build an infrastructure for a preapproval that the app can submit to the Lender as the next wave of funding comes. 

The payroll protection program comes from the SBA, and Congress has passed a law that made the loan 100% forgivable in the next few weeks if used at least 60% or more on your business. Even as the government rolls out billions in financial aid and support, the bottleneck has been information dissemination as projects of this magnitude often need more strategic ways of getting the word out. Instead of sitting idly by and working for her own good, Jessie has gone out of her way to play her part in the community and help her colleagues and co-beauty professionals through her awareness-building initiative. They’re also running a campaign to inform small business owners about government grants for their businesses

Jessie, also known as @jessie_doeshair, has worked with various stylists and fashion giants worldwide. She’s a Global Creative Director and lover of @cityofangelshairextensions and has been invited by beauty legends to New York and Paris Fashion Week. She’s a L’Oreal colorist, beGlammed Elite Designer, ORIBE + Bumble Ambassador, and many other brands as well. Jessie has also been known for her international brides, traveling far and wide for her clients.

Jessie is a stylist and creative director for Tribez Salons and Spa and runs social media, mainly focused on @probeautyfederation and other organizations that help raise up the industry, raising money and awareness. “These loans were inappropriately distributed, and many were wrongfully denied or approved in the past, for that matter. But everyone in the business with a payroll large enough to have some banking connections have already done their paperwork and received funding,” Jessie explains.

“Don’t wait to hear what we can help you get. Personally, what I’ve been given from this saved everything, and it’s not taxed like the EDD. However, both are there to help assist you. Upwards of 150,000 to small salon owners—fifteen thousand for some individuals of forgivable money– of standard costs. Even with maxed out credit cards this money is to help you fix it. Make it right for yourself and tour business. Don’t waste another second,” Jessie adds.

Through the beauty professional-run program, Jessie, Fred, and the rest of the Professional Beauty Federation hope that more American workers in the beauty industry will experience financial respite from the economic onslaught caused by COVID-19.

Jessie aims to encourage and motivate people to step up and get financial assistance to help the beauty community continue to thrive. “Without salons being saved, we lose salon culture and the people we love the most. It’s time to repair the broken hearts and re-inspire the masses. We have to continue the forward-thinking and look ahead. There’s a lot of fear in the industry, and we’re here to help take that away. We care, and we will continue to fight for the industry big and small because we’re all in this together.”

When asked about future plans, Jessie Klaus explains, “What we are doing is to rethink the new normal and not reject it. We’re owning a new beautiful picture of how that will look. We’re writing up new mission statements as it’s time to review the new normal. These plans are included in our future dreams, and we’ll never stop dreaming. In fact, we’ll dream even bigger because the things the industry is going to teach us after we survive will be the reward.”

To learn more about the payroll protection program, visit the project’s landing page.

Jaye Renee’ Explains the Impact of the Beauty Industry

For decades, physical appearance has been known to carry half of the weight in leaving lasting impressions. True enough, some of the most notable occupations in some industries require a certain level of semblances – such as being neat, tidy, or presentable – in order to get ahead or at least maintain a job or position.

Recognizing the challenges that the beauty industry faces almost every day, Jaye Renee’ brings out her transcendent skills and expertise to educate others on the importance of the trade.

For instance, in the airline businesses, the flight crew is mandated to present themselves in a pleasant way to look at for their passengers. However, this concern for physical appearances has often been dismissed by society as being superficial. And because of this stereotype, the beauty industry is frequently overlooked, leaving some opportunities for growth out of the window. Several studies have shown that tidy and well-groomed people have a better chance of keeping their job or being promoted to a higher rank. Other researchers also discovered that an excellent physical appearance affects a person’s level of trustworthiness. So, from these scientific results, one can conclude that a person’s appearance is indeed a significant factor that can make or break a person’s climb towards the summits of success. Seeing how one’s looks ultimately affect the future of most individuals, this prompted Jaye Renee’ to correct the long-held stereotype of the beauty industry through coaching and education.

As one of the foremost advocates for revolutionizing the beauty industry, Jaye Renee’ took it upon herself to dedicate her life’s work in reshaping views and perceptions surrounding the field. With her expertise in the relationship between behavior and beauty and her 20 years worth of experience in the area, Jaye is highly recognized for her creation called Predictable Beauty Industry Behavior System – a platform that ensures growth and profit-building in the beauty industry by understanding the behavior of both the business owners and their prospective clients. Through this unconventional system, she teaches industry professionals fundamental how-to theories on services and the psychological and behavioral effects of beauty and appearances. 

Because of her state-of-the-art techniques, Jaye Renee’ has traveled around the world, coaching different beauty ventures ranging from small-time enterprises to big product companies on all aspects of running a more prosperous and efficient business. And aside from that, Jaye also teaches the concept and science behind beauty for schools, beauty shows, conventions, and product knowledge through online courses and training.

Proving to be a stellar figure in the beauty industry, Jaye Renee’ is the author behind two world-renowned books entitled, “The 6-Figure Stylist: Secrets to Exploding Your Beauty Industry Business & Creating Success by Design” and “Winning the Beauty Game.”

But aside from spreading awareness and teaching professionals and like-minded individuals the ropes behind the craft, Jaye Renee’ is also helping beauty professionals and business owners thrive during these trying times. Because of the pandemic’s strict health protocols, the beauty industry continues to suffer. Heeding to the call, Jaye has made it her mission to find more lucrative ways for the industry to survive this seemingly irreversible effect of the health crisis. And now, with Jaye as one of the vanguards of the beauty industry, the latter slowly rises amid the challenges it continues to face.

In the coming years, Jaye Renee’ hopes that the beauty industry will get the attention it deserves. With her platform and expertise, she hopes to revolutionize the beauty space by spreading awareness and educating individuals around the world.

To know more about Jaye Renee’, you may visit her website, Instagram account, and Facebook page.

Dream Body Sculpting Helps Other People Achieve Their Dream Bodies in Non-Invasive Ways

Everybody has certain fitness goals that they aspire to, especially in these difficult times, where one’s health is their number 1 defense against the ongoing pandemic. Fortunately, Dream Body Sculpting is here to provide the best quality service that shapes the body of men and women into what they love while helping them maintain a lifestyle that they can enjoy.

Dream Body Sculpting was established by Christina Perez in 2015 with two locations, namely Kennesaw, Georgia, and Naples, Florida. Perez is a fully licensed esthetician with a certification in ultrasound cavitation/radiofrequency. She has been working with body contouring machines since 2010, which makes her a true authority in the industry.

Perez built Dream Body Sculpting to be an aid in building a healthy, sustainable lifestyle for women and men. It’s not just about getting quick results; they want to help their clients maintain the said results. In order to help achieve their goals, they have developed a machine that is stronger than many of those that are in the US market today.

Dream Body Sculpting specializes in non-invasive, permanent fat reduction and skin-tightening procedures that require no pain or downtime. Their tripolar cavitation permanently destroys the fat cells that reside in the body, delivering immediate and permanent results. Fat cells are usually the size of a grape and are filled with a liquid substance known as fatty triglycerides.

These fat cells are unable to withstand the vibrating waves and heat coming off of the cavitation handpiece. This causes the fat cells to diploid, releasing the triglycerides into the metabolic system, where bodies will dispose of the waste naturally. Dream Body Sculpting provides a natural and effective process without causing any harm to the surrounding tissue and organs.

Their skin tightening procedure is also in a league of its own. They utilize a dermolift radiofrequency technology that produces collagen back into the skin. Their radiofrequency procedure tightens the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous layer, so all three layers of the skin are being treated. Their radiofrequency treatments also aid in cellulite reduction and contouring of the face and neck while removing wrinkles.

Dream Body Sculpting devices are the strongest cavitation machines on the market, but that doesn’t mean their services are pricier than most. They provide affordable and highly effective procedures in which their customers only need two to three sessions for the best results. Their treatments are spaced within three days that are a week apart.

It’s undeniable that Dream Body Sculpting blows the competition out of the water in terms of results and affordability. However, they also provide high-quality customer service and guarantee that their procedures will give their clients what they need for a lifetime.

There’s no telling how much success they’re going to rake in with Christina Perez at the helm of Dream Body Sculpting. With thousands of satisfied clients from their two branches alone, there’s no telling how many more happy customers they’re going to get when they inevitably expand in the coming years, giving more Americans the dream body that they deserve, the Dream Body Sculpting way.Visit Dream Body Sculpting’s official website to learn more about their procedures.