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Sport Rides: The Easy Way to Get Lamborghini in Zurich

Claude Alexander
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Car buff or not, we all grew up having a dream car in mind – a car that always took our breath away; its elegant exterior, the comfortable interior and especially the lifestyle it represented. For many, this luxury car has been a Lamborghini. But this super expensive vehicle is not something everyone can afford, so, unfortunately, we were only left with our dream of owning one. But, unlike most people, Claude Alexander never gave up on his dream. 

Growing up in Zurich, one of the most popular cities in Europe, where people came from all around the world to spend some quality time with their families, Claude saw a very luxurious standard of living around him. The city was the capital for rich people, with high incomes, lavish houses and luxury cars – however, Claude didn’t have access to all the luxuries. Coming from a middle-class family, they could not afford to go on vacations or even splurge on dinners once in a while. This often made Claude very upset when he was growing up, especially when he would see the rich around him drive away in their expensive dreamy cars. 

Claude had always been into cars since he was a kid, and living in Zurich added to that. Seeing some of the world’s most expensive cars, such as Ferraris and Lamborghinis drive right past him further enriched his love for cars. As he grew up, he decided that he would start a business that would have something to do with cars so that his childhood dream and the dreams of so many others out there could come true. That is how Sport Rides came into being. The idea behind Sport Rides is simple: it helps people rent their favorite luxury cars like Lamborghinis. Moreover, it is a business concept that brings cash flow and is self-sustainable with a minimum of employees. And most importantly, it sits just right with the Zurich lifestyle. 

One thing is sure that people in Zurich have a flashy lifestyle which is why they flaunt expensive cars, and why not? Growing up in Zurich, Claude Alexander had seen this up close; hence he believes that the demand for luxury rental cars is exceptionally high, and there is no better place than Zurich for Sport Rides. In fact, it all started when Claude enrolled in the bachelor’s program at the Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne (EHL). “So, I initially was not sure whether I wanted to study at all or not, but enrolling in EHL was the best decision I took,” he explained. “I really feel that EHL school has given me the tools and mentorship I needed to succeed as an individual and help other people reach their goals in life as well,” Claude added. During this time, he grew as an entrepreneur and a manager because of the many practical courses and projects he was a part of. 

The journey for Sport Rides is, however, a long one. Currently, Claude is trying to switch to an asset-light strategy. This means that he will own fewer cars in the portfolio and manage more cars from external partners, preventing Sports Rides from any major potential risks. This is why Claude believes it is the right strategy at the moment and that it would be easier for people to rent cars without any complications and greater costs. 

At the core of Sport Rides was indeed a kid’s dream. A dream to go on a vacation, ride in luxury cars and build a legacy. Today, Claude Alexander has successfully made his dream come true; all the credit goes to his hard work and dedication. So if you, too, are a car enthusiast with a dream of riding your favorite luxury car growing up but never got a chance to do so, at Sport Rides, your dreams can come true!

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