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Secure Gateway®️ is Comprehensive Security for Modern App and APIs

Secure Gateway
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Secure Gateway®️ is a lightweight yet robust security solution that seamlessly integrates into DevOps environments, serving as both a web application firewall (WAF) and Layer 7 denial-of-service (DoS) defense. This innovative technology, invented by ALSCO, Secure Gateway®,️is a registered trademark with number 5899344 and has been granted two patents, with patent numbers 10498760 and 10630721.

Secure Gateway®️ is platform-agnostic and compatible with distributed architectures and hybrid environments. This flexibility delivers consistent protection against a wide range of online threats while ensuring a smooth and efficient software delivery process.

In summary, Secure Gateway®️ is a comprehensive and reliable security solution that offers seamless integration into DevOps environments, providing consistent and innovative protection for your applications and systems.

Why Use a Secure Gateway®️ ?

Secure Gateway

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Platform-Agnostic Security Deployment

Across dispersed architectures and scenarios, including on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud, use the same WAF and DoS defense solution. With Secure Gateway®, you can:

 – Use the Secure Gateway® portfolio for single-vendor app and API protection and threat mitigation to reduce complexity and tool sprawl.

– Deploy this incredibly adaptable software form factor across all modern app topologies, including per-service or per-pod proxies inside the Kubernetes cluster, as well as API gateways and Kubernetes Ingress controllers.

Scale your Kubernetes apps in the cloud with a lightweight, high-performance, low-latency, and low-compute security solution. – Create uniform security rules for web apps, microservices, containers, and APIs.

– Use in CI/CD processes for straightforward security automation

Scalable, High-Performance App and API Protection

Use the lightweight, high performance of Secure Gateway® and the tried-and-true powerful WAF technology for a quick, scalable Layer 7 defense. Use Secure Gateway® to:

– Add more than 15,900 advanced signatures, bot signatures, and threat campaign protection to basic OWASP Top 10 security.

– Guard HTTP/S and HTTP/2 apps within your company, as well as protocols like gRPC and WebSocket.

– Substantially reduce false positives by using trusted, high-confidence signatures when deploying in blocking mode.

– Provide scalable, low-cost distributed DoS (DDoS) protection with adaptive learning for no-touch policy configuration and continuous monitoring of mitigation effectiveness.

– Using built-in Secure Gateway® tools or by sending telemetry to third-party solutions, you can quickly achieve centralized visibility and configuration management over your WAF fleet.

Shift Left for DevSecOps

Enabling a shift-left approach where security is integrated into the software development lifecycle at every level (SDLC). Use Secure Gateway® to:

– Use security automation to cut the cost of breaches by up to 80%.

– Implement DevSecOps, which enables developers to include security as code into CI/CD pipelines, using declarative security policies developed by IT security teams.

Finding and patching vulnerabilities before an app’s introduction into production might help you save time and money.

– Retain developer innovation and agility while creating more dependable apps.

– Quicken time to market while cutting costs, maintaining one step ahead of the competition and satisfying client demand.

Robust WAF Security

For DevOps environments, increase security, speed up DevOps, and make managing your apps and APIs easier. You can: use Secure Gateway® WAF.

– Release apps faster with security automation that effortlessly integrates into CI/CD pipelines. – Exceed basic OWASP Top 10 protection with over 10,900 advanced signatures, bot signatures, and threat campaign protection.

Gain centralized visibility and simple security policy management for complete control of your WAF fleet with Secure Gateway®Management Suite. Deploy as an embedded solution on Secure Gateway®Ingress Controller across all topologies, from the edge load balancer to inside a Kubernetes cluster as a per-pod proxy.

Secure Gateway

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Denial of Service Mitigation for Layer 7 Attacks

Improve security, automate defense, and quicken Layer 7 DoS attack protection for your apps and APIs. You can: use Secure Gateway®-DoS.

Employ machine learning to drastically reduce false positives and adaptive learning for no-touch policy configuration to mitigate assaults faster with a multi-layered security strategy with eBPF technology.

– Obtain better threat detection by using combined service health checks that go beyond observing client traffic patterns.

– Integrate seamlessly with Secure Gateway® Plus or Secure Gateway® Ingress Controller to deploy embedded DoS protection on the load balancer, API gateway, Ingress Controller, or inside the Kubernetes cluster as per-pod or per-service proxies.

– Integrate DevSecOps’ security-as-code automation into CI/CD pipelines.

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