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Sameer Sawaqed Helping Millennials and Gen Zs Get Ahead in Life

In today’s rapidly evolving world, it is common to see young men and women struggling to find a proper foothold in life, as they are overwhelmed by the multitude of paths laid open to them. To help these young individuals make the right choice, either in their personal or professional life, the position of a mentor that understands their journey and guides them on the right path is of utmost importance. For this reason, Sameer Sawaqed launched The More We Know podcast to empower and educate millennials and Generation Z on their journey through life.

Sameer Sawaqed is a 23-year-old college coach and social media influencer dedicated to making a difference by helping others find their chosen path in life. His journey as an advocate started when he was 19, documenting his 100-pound weight loss journey. The shared moments with others motivated many other people to take the first step toward weight loss. Sameer built his first brand #commitwithmeer, a community of millennials providing support and encouragement for one another.

Motivated by the success of #commitwithmeer, Sameer discovered that people his age lacked two things: mentors and information. He then set out to find a solution to this prevailing problem and launched The More We Know podcast, a mentorship podcast for young people by a young person. He understands the impacts of a mentor in one’s life. He was fortunate to have mentors such as senior investment bankers, Fortune 500 executives, actors, and start-up founders throughout his college years. Sameer Sawaqed is now sharing the wealth of information he garnered from these individuals to inspire and empower other young people to get started in life.

With a target audience of Gen Z and millennials, The More We Know podcast is one of its kind, its interview giving access to the minds of successful people in the world, including mayors, Fortune 500 company executives, and many others. The podcast provides individuals in their 20s with mentorship, insight, and knowledge to pursue their goals. Each episode introduces guests who have attained success in their respective fields and can guide listeners to tread the same path. Impressively, the guest coming on to his show this week is the Mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez. On top of that, the podcast is entirely free for all its listeners, a personal mentor in your pockets. 

In half a decade, Sameer Sawaqed envisions The More We Know getting one million listeners of Gen Zs and millennials alike per episode. He wants to build the podcast into a mentorship community of hundreds of thousands of individuals providing real advice and mentorship that can help them start the foundation for their businesses and careers.

Sameer wants to inspire everyone around him to disrupt the mindset that you need an Ivy League degree or millions of dollars to achieve success. He explains, “I want people to understand that with the right mentors, the right information, the right heart, and being a good person, we can all do that by doing it yourself.” 

You may visit the official website to learn more about Sameer Sawaqed, and The More We Know Podcast.

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