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Rhys O’Connell: From Beverly Hills to The Hamptons

One common underlying theme among success stories is how powerful passion and dedication are in transforming dreams into actions. In today’s inherently competitive space, these characteristics’ importance can never be emphasized enough. Among those powerhouses who are setting this example in their pursuits of success is Rhys O’Connell, an esteemed leader in the hospitality services industry who is currently making waves.

Rhys O’Connell is a prestigious hotelier who is widely recognized for his incredible track record across the industry. He is highly acclaimed for elevating luxury hotels and resorts, cementing a reputable stance across the trade. While his list of accomplishments speaks volumes of his brilliance and prowess, nothing compares to his passion and dedication to his craft in serving as a catapulting device towards the summits of success.

Boasting colors that exude a zealous spirit and a driven mindset, Rhys O’Connell has always had an incredible affinity toward the hotel business and management. However, before delving deep into the scene, he began carving his path to greatness in the food and beverage industry, sweeping the trade with his impressive command over the craft. He was working at a luxurious Hyatt brand, which allowed him to gain notoriety and the experience he needed to launch himself further. After his exemplary work in the food and beverage industry, Rhys then pursued his true calling and landed a couple of executive roles in the hospitality services trade, including Luxe Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills and Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica.

Having gathered enough experience over the years, this power player was then hired as the director of operations for Hotel Zephyr at the iconic Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. Within only five months, he was promoted to general manager. 

While Rhys O’Connell’s career had climbed the summits of success, the world was at a standstill when COVID-19 shook the hospitality services industry to its core. Many businesses, including hotels, closed down, but this power player managed to maneuver Hotel Zephyr towards the pinnacles of triumph during these trying times. The exemplary service he provided to the hotel helped him land a general manager position at Nobu Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida, where he initiated a five-star luxury upgrade from what had been a standard facility. He identified and hired appropriate staff, established best practices, and created an upgraded guest experience. As a result, Nobu Hotel became a standard across the industry, with ratings and reviews drastically improved.

Because of the successes he has contributed throughout the global health crisis, this esteemed personality has been featured in Forbes Magazine and voted ‘Hotel General Manager of the Year by the New York Weekly. Currently, Rhys O’Connell continues to make waves as he leads the unveiling of exclusive resorts in The Hamptons, New York and Moab, Utah.

Even with his established venture and highly lucrative career, Rhys O’Connell shows no signs of slowing down. Determined to keep going, he plans to continue demonstrating excellence and quality service in her future endeavors within the hospitality services industry.

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