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Pulkit Kumar Provides Opportunities for Cancer Research through the UofA Cancer Society

Many have tried, but only a few have managed to create an impact while making a name for themselves across various fields. Without a doubt, climbing the summits of success is not an easy feat, but making a difference in society poses a wide variety of challenges that are beyond the workings of an ordinary mind. Countless aspirants have attempted to reach impressive heights in order to translate their purpose-driven visions into actions, only to find themselves defeated by a number of factors, from finding one’s feet in a highly competitive industry to overcoming several insurmountable obstacles that may lie ahead.

However, in the case of Pulkit Kumar, an esteemed scientist, forward-thinking individual, and changemaker, the adversities he faced in climbing the pinnacles of greatness ultimately drove him to succeed, driving change and impacting lives across the world. Today, he stands at the forefront of various initiatives, transforming the world and inspiring others.

Pulkit Kumar is an innovator by passion and scientist by profession. His diligent efforts of consistently going above and beyond have earned acclaim from countless established authorities and industry powerhouses, slowly cementing a reputable stance across the trade. This power player not only seeks to emerge as an authority in the field, but he also aims to change the game in the realms of science and technology, creating countless innovative breakthroughs and producing groundbreaking initiatives. On a mission to continue sparking innovations, Pulkit decided to breathe life into his brainchild, the UofA Cancer Society.

Fueled by the goal to serve as a pillar for others, this well-respected professional is currently making waves across the field of science and technology with the establishment of the UofA Cancer Society. This emerging entity is a student organization that aims to spread awareness, raise funds, and promote research for cancer, allowing the next generation of changemakers to create initiatives for the betterment of the world. On top of that, it provides countless opportunities to university students, prompting the beginning of their promising careers.

When I established the UofA Cancer Society, I had a goal of opening doors of opportunities for university students,” Pulkit Kumar shared.

By continuing to defy odds, Pulkit Kumar has set the bar high for many aspiring change-makers across the world. As a matter of fact, he recently published a paper that focuses on offering an alternative or add-on treatment for Major Depressive Disorders or MDD. As a person who was diagnosed with MDD, Kumar felt the need to improve the lives of those who suffered from psychological disorders while spreading mental health awareness across the globe.

“I encourage people to talk about mental health issues to remove the stigma surrounding them,” he said. “If people normalize psychological disorders, those who are diagnosed with the same will feel comfortable in seeking help,” he added.

On top of that, Kumar also wants to spark conversations about climate change, promoting the use of renewable energy in order to attain a more sustainable world.

More can be expected from this rising powerhouse in the coming years as he cements his name even more solidly across the industry. With plans to set up more groundbreaking initiatives, Pulkit Kumar is on his way to dominating the scenes, inspiring the next generation to take a stand and rise above.

To know more about Pulkit Kumar, you may visit his Instagram page.

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