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Power Couple Launches Fashion Brand to Boost Positivity and Encourage Social Interaction

The health risks posed by the pandemic obligated businesses to close their doors to the public and drastically modify their operations. While there are some who have slowly reopened, many entrepreneurs were not able to recover. Husband and wife team, Mark and Emily Bold, were among those affected by the circumstances. Driven by their entrepreneurial spirit, the couple found their way into e-commerce with their luxury clothing brand, What’s Your Fantasy. 

Prior to the pandemic, Mark Bold was a business consultant, helping other entrepreneurs grow their brands and companies. He also spent years as a personal driver for celebrities, musicians, actors, models, and sports legends. Mark was recognized by some of the most prominent names in society for his hard work and unparalleled service. Although his client’s attitudes sometimes turned negative, Mark remained respectful and professional.

Both Mark and Emily Bold were in the hospitality industry. In 2020, they experienced a significant setback in their finances as the lockdowns affected their businesses. The couple relied on tourism to keep their businesses afloat, but with the absence of travelers, their businesses plummeted.

Through the struggles, the couple remained optimistic about the future and chose to embrace the “new normal.” It was a challenge for them to find new means of income, but Mark and Emily Bold realized the potential of launching a brand in the digital space. E-commerce has greatly uplifted the economy in the United States since the onset of the pandemic, and it continues to help many entrepreneurs reach their goals. The Bolds were able to give themselves a fresh start.

What’s Your Fantasy clothing brand aims to lift people’s spirits and encourage socialization even amid the pandemic. Mark Bold witnessed how the lack of physical, social interaction changed people’s perspective; some even suffered from severe stress and mental issues. With What’s Your Fantasy, the founder hopes to spread positivity and encourage everyone to socially interact through its fashion-forward designs.

“It’s a conversation starter,” said Mark Bold. What’s Your Fantasy triggers people to ask questions because of its unique designs and creative use of colors. The founder believes that clothing communicates personality. What’s Your Fantasy allows people to revisit the excitement of the year before the pandemic and push them to connect with others through fashion.

What’s Your Fantasy carries clothing for both ladies and gents, including hoodies, leggings, and skirts, plus accessories such as aprons and face masks. The brand appeals to people from all ages and walks of life, with something in the product line for everyone. Carrying products that fit various situations puts What’s Your Fantasy a cut above the rest.

Besides taking What’s Your Fantasy to the next level, the Bolds also aim to inspire other entrepreneurs who want to achieve their goals through e-commerce. They want to hold coaching sessions and engage people in helpful conversations that would propel them to reach their dreams. Mark also seeks to pay their success forward by building a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people by providing what they need to kickstart their lives in the right direction. 

Check their website and Facebook account to learn more.

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