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Oscar P Pushes for Relatable Comedy Content, the Making of a Star

Art is relative, and it means different things to different people. To some, an artist’s work may serve a practical purpose such as entertainment or self-expression; In contrast, others pursue art because they love the process of creation itself – without any ulterior motive! In this instance, we see how Oscar P uses comedy as another tool in his arsenal, which brings laughter into audiences’ lives with joyous abandon while at times tackling severe issues head-on.

Oscar P. He’s an American stand-up comedian who took his comedy career to new heights in 2012 after performing at Loose Goose, a small bar and grill near Memphis where he started working open mics before joining Funny Bone where he met Lester Bibs, who became the host of the club until Chuckles Comedy House came calling. Nowadays, you’ll find him shooting pilots for Double Duty and Chocolate Sundaes at the Laugh Factory LA. He was also featured in this years’ 2021 World Series of Comedy.

According to Oscar, comedians often find themselves walking on eggshells and being careful about what they say. But he points out that there is no choice but for creatives in today’s world where everything has become more conservative to find humor wherever they can so that tension doesn’t build up on the stage. “Comedians have to be the beaming light or the dark tunnel to expose the humor in this thing called life. So, I feel that my brand of comedy confronts issues as well as heel hurts at the same time.”

When comedy came calling, Oscar P didn’t just see it as a passion or an avenue to make the audience laugh. Instead, he sought creative ways to mode his craft and monetize it with hard work that he learned from watching his father getting up each day striving to make things happen.

Through all this effortful dedication, he was eventually able to land himself gigs and appearances on stage and TV shows where he has been able to perform stand-up routines alongside luminaries.

In addition, Oscar is spearheading a change in the comedy industry alongside some like-minded individuals about the possibility of making it safer for comedians and their audiences while reducing the chances that people will turn against them. “Essentially, the idea is to make the stages a safer place for comedians to connect with their audience on a different level and to ensure cross-relatability between the audience and the jokes being told.”

“The next five years, I plan on continuing to build my brand and creating content for TV. My ambition has me focusing on the big stage giving the audience’s laughter for their soul and giving back to the community.” Oscar P also hopes to make his way into movies, sitcoms and travel the entire world, spreading humor and love.

The world is imperfect, and people are always looking for ways to better themselves. Oscar P sees this as his mission in life, in which he achieves something for other folks around him to feel more confident about their potential by being compassionate but challenging when needed. “We all can do better. I am at fault; you are too. We got to love,” he shared.

Connect with Oscar P via his official website and Instagram Page.

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