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Ocean Project Saves Marine Lives One Jewelry at a Time

Over the years, many marine creatures have died with tons of plastic waste attached to their bodies. Some have unhealthily digested it in their stomachs, while others have struggled to live with the pains of having plastic wastes dangle over their bodies. As a result of these circumstances, countless marine lives have been taken away because the oceans have become a giant trash bin for non-recyclable waste. For this reason, a global movement to reduce plastic waste in the ocean cannot be emphasized enough.

Much like diamonds, plastic wastes are forever. Although single-use plastic provides ease and comfort in eating outside of people’s homes, its aftercare poses risks that endanger a variety of things, such as the environment and wildlife. On a mission to make a difference and create a better world, Ocean Project has made it its mission to serve as the ocean’s beacon of hope.

As a staunch advocate for the environment, Ocean Project is a purpose-driven organization that is dedicated to clean the ocean and save marine life. It serves as an instrument of transformation, sparking a better world for many sea creatures across the world. This trailblazing entity not only strives to catalyze change on its own but also seeks to inspire people to reduce plastic pollution one product at a time.

At the core of this change-making organization lies a desire to spark positive movements and encourage individuals to step forward in their little ways. With its wide variety of jewelry and exquisite line of apparel, every purchase is dedicated to saving the ocean, and the marine lives that swim in it. More impressively, each artistic piece of jewelry not only sparks conversations and creates connections among family, friends, and strangers, but it also enables every purchaser to interact with marine life and its surroundings virtually by tracking one creature in its journey across the ocean. In this way, people will stay involved in the company’s mission while gaining a complete grasp of what aquatic life is like firsthand. It also allows people to learn and develop empathy towards these remarkable species.

Aside from making significant strides through its outstanding platforms, Ocean Project also donates portions of its earnings to organizations that share the same vision. As a matter of fact, this remarkable company raised over 20,000 dollars in July 2020. This April, it has also donated over 32,000 dollars.

Although Ocean Project’s promising pursuits already speak volumes of its dedication towards improving environmental conditions, it would not have achieved milestones had it not been for the founders’ personal experiences in ocean plastic pollution. Having witnessed countless marine animals washed up ashore with straws wrapped around their necks, these trailblazing minds immediately realized that they had to do something. For this reason, the founders created the Ocean Project to spread awareness and spark discussions about the ailing state of our oceans.

With no intentions of slowing down any time soon, Ocean Project aims to expand its horizons by creating more avenues that strengthen its advocacy towards better oceans. By leading a revolutionary movement, it hopes to inspire more individuals to make a difference and take action.

To know more about Ocean Project, you may visit its website.

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