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Meet Gus Dahleh: A Business Leader from Chicago Making an Impact

Gus Dahleh is one of the most recognized real estate entrepreneurs in Chicago as of 2021 who specializes in commercial real estate development with a primary focus on distressed assets. Throughout his career, Gus has employed thousands of individuals across different industries and sectors and developed leadership skills to lead disruptive companies. Gus Dahleh offers advice on leadership in this article with hopes that entrepreneurs out there can apply this information to better grow their companies and reach their team objectives.

How To Become An Alpha Leader

Being an alpha leader is a dream of many. Individuals with alpha characteristics are foremost in all the relevant skills. They hold in-born leadership expertise that is distinctive from others. Alpha leaders are always in search of good opportunities. They are motivational, dedicated, and focused on their respective goals. 

To become an alpha leader, one has to hold a remarkable personality with significant leader-like peculiarities. So, do you want to be an alpha leader? If yes, then plunge into this guide, where we have mentioned all the possible steps to become the same. 

#1 Be Real with Yourself

The first step to being an alpha leader is being authentic to yourself. Ironically, not everyone has this quality. Most people are either hiding their failures or traits from themselves. 

Besides, most people do not take any initiative to fix these factors. Either they live it as it is or opt for some quick fixes. 

In order to be an alpha leader, you should never go for quick fixes. Instead, you should know your traits and work on them. 

Keep note that running from your problems does not make an efficient quality for an alpha leader. However, if you turn your weaknesses into strengths, that’s a reliable characteristic. 

Try to be honest with yourself. Sit in a calm space and ask your inner soul about things that make you insecure? 

#2 Be Confident

Next, confidence is the key. If you are not confident enough, then the road to being an alpha leader is going to be tough for you. Now, we are telling you to be confident and not arrogant. 

You should be sure about your qualities, abilities, and ideas and not be aloof about it. Being an alpha leader, you are likely to face endless challenges. 

In such cases, it’s crucial to be self-assured and optimistic. Have faith in yourself, and you are good to go!  

#3 Develop Your Body Language

Body language is another important aspect of becoming a successful alpha leader. Your body language signifies a lot about your attitude. It should mirror a personality where your expressions should be enough to manifest your alpha character. 

You should know that alpha body language is something that you can’t fake. Besides, even if you do, one day, your fundamental traits will be disclosed. It’s more than having a toned body and good looks.

So, instead of faking it, try to train yourself and adapt some alpha body language characteristics. Here are some tips for the same

  • Adapt good purposeful gestures
  • Convey comfort and sincerity through handshakes
  • Keep your hands behind the back as it exposes the most sensitive part of your body (groin for men and chest for women)
  • Do not go overboard with your smile.

#4 Ensure That You are Knowledgeable

Knowledge is the power to fight the most brutal battles. That’s why to be an alpha leader; you should have adequate knowledge about relevant things. 

You must have seen some people who have information about everything. Be it something of their domain or not, they could easily render you extensive details about the same. People look up to them and praise their awareness and proficiency. 

So to adopt such traits, try to familiarise yourself with subjects that interest you. Make sure to read more, research things, and dig a little deeper about common aspects. 

Even if it does not concern your domain, gaining knowledge can never go in vain. As you proceed, they are going to help you in some way.  

#5 Be Self-Reliant

Being self-reliant means doing things yourself. However, that should not prevent you from taking help when in need. 

No person can do everything on their own. At some point, they might require help. So, be open to that. 

What we are trying to explain here is not to be dependent on someone. There should always be some backup if things go wrong. 

Independence encourages confidence and self-esteem among leaders. They also render perseverance and inspiration at work.   

#6 Enhance Your Leadership Skills

Last but not least, intensify your leadership skills. It’s pretty apparent that to become a good leader; you need to have suitable characteristics. 

The world’s most significant leaders are always treated with respect and prosperity because of their management skills. Be it a CEO of a renowned company or country leader, they are confined to specific attributes that make them fit for the role.

For that, start accepting opportunities that include management and control. Instead of backing off, get involved and start with the process anyway.

Things may not go as you want first; however, with time, you will learn a lot. Besides, it will enhance your leadership skills and provide a sense of responsibility. 

About Gus Dahleh

Gus Dahleh is a real estate entrepreneur who specializes in commercial real estate development with a primary focus on distressed assets. Since 2010, Dahleh has acquired over $50 million of commercial real estate assets and entered into long term leases with JP Morgan Chase Bank, AT&T, Walmart, Sam’s Club, and CubeSmart. Gus Dahleh has also developed a niche in the cell antenna industry by selling lease revenue to publicly traded REITS which include American Tower and SBA Communications Corp. Gus Dahleh began his financial markets career as an equity options trader at the Chicago Board of Options Exchange. Gus Dahleh has developed proven option strategies for the U.S. 30 Year Treasury Bond and Gold Futures based on seasonal and technical patterns. Gus Dahleh has a proven track record for providing direction on how to maximize the value of the commercial real estate and financial market investments. For more information, visit or follow Gus on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook.

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