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Maurizio D’Andrea: A Journey into the Unconscious and Geometric Abstraction

Maurizio D'Andrea: A Journey into the Unconscious and Geometric Abstraction
Photo Credited to: VESUVIO by Maurizio D'Andrea

Maurizio D’Andrea is an international abstract painter who has made the fusion of art and psychology a cornerstone of his career. Through his work, D’Andrea explores the concepts of Carl Gustav Jung, focusing on the collective unconscious and its interaction with the spirit of the times. His artistic journey, developed over decades, has been a testament to constant evolution, transitioning from a timid figurative style that included still life and random objects, to geometric abstraction, and then to a deeper abstraction enriched with symbols, energies, and the passions of the psyche, creating whirlwinds of emotions.

At the heart of D’Andrea’s art is the desire to merge visual art with profound psychology. As Jung suggested, Maurizio seeks to capture the essence of the collective unconscious and reflect it in his works, channeling archetypal symbols and human emotions.

The starting point of his artistic transformation was geometric abstraction, a movement characterized by clear geometric shapes and defined colors. However, D’Andrea has given a personal twist to this style. His geometric abstraction was never pure; it was revisited in a modern key, always rooted in the unconscious. Instead of sharp shapes and immaculate colors, D’Andrea chose to incorporate imperfect elements, faded colors, and nuances that reflect the complexity of the human mind.

His geometric paintings are a dance of shapes and colors that convey a sense of depth and mystery. 

The arrangement of triangles and squares in space is not random; it is rich in symbolic meanings. Maurizio D’Andrea leverages geometry as a vehicle to explore the relationship between rational and irrational order, between conscious and unconscious.

In D’Andrea’s works, colors are always imbued with meaning. They are never pure but carry the nuances of the human psyche. Subdued tones represent calm and reflection, while vibrant colors express deep passions and emotions. This interplay of colors creates an atmosphere rich in emotional tension and mystery.

Maurizio D’Andrea’s work is an invitation to explore the depths of the human soul. Each painting is a journey into the unconscious, a visual representation of the complexity of the human experience. As one becomes captivated by his works, they are invited to delve into their own unconscious, to seek the hidden meaning behind the shapes and colors. 

Ultimately, Maurizio D’Andrea is much more than an abstract painter. He is an artist who pushes the boundaries of visual art, exploring the realms of the unconscious and bringing to light the interplay between the spirit of the times and the spirit of the deep. His works invite us to reflect on the complexity of the human being and to uncover the secrets hidden within the labyrinth of the mind.

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