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King of the Roads: How Royal 3 Inc. Raises the Bar in the Trucking Industry

With technology, trustworthy drivers, and efficient delivery personnel, one can truly get anything from the comfort of his couch by merely making a few clicks. Unfortunately, however, many trucking, shipping, and freight services fail to deliver what they preach. Hence, a team of drivers decided to take matters into their own hands and built Royal 3 Inc. 

Royal 3 Inc. has over 150 employees, drivers, and support staff, all equipped and ready to provide the best service whenever a client needs it. The family-owned and operated trucking company has its own top-of-the-line fleet of new trucks and dry vans at its disposal. Having such resources at hand, Royal 3 Inc. is indeed one of the best in its field.

Being drivers themselves once, the owners know how much hard work drivers put in every freight service. So they built a company that would empower drivers by making them feel appreciated at all times. As a company built by drivers for drivers, Royal 3 Inc. quickly gained traction in the trucking industry as one of the best places and environments to work in.

Royal 3 Inc. was founded in 2016 in Chicago, IL, with one mission in mind: build a committed and talented team to provide exceptional customer service in the trucking industry. The company has been consistently scaling itself ever since and has grown into one of the best carrier companies not only in its state but across the country.

“The trucking industry has grown to be prosperous, and we are serious about its commitment to provide clients with exceptional freight transportation services, from the first contact with our company representatives, drivers, and dispatchers to the safe and punctual delivery of our shipments,” they explained. 

On top of maintaining a reliable fleet of trucks and various freight vehicles, Royal 3 Inc. nurtures its people and encourages each team member to always aim for growth, believing that the key to running a successful courier company is having the best, well-trained, and skilled drivers and shipping personnel. Wherever it is, whenever their customers need it, the drivers at Royal 3 Inc. are always up for the long haul.

Committed to providing nothing but the best for its clients, Royal 3 Inc. continually invests in the growth of its drivers by enhancing their skills and knowledge through programs and resources geared to help them identify and correct unsafe behaviors. This initiative is in line with the company’s goal of becoming one of the safest carriers on the roads of the United States. In addition, the company has made it a mission to ensure that every employee keeps each other in check to encourage everyone to adhere to their specific safety standards.

“This is the responsibility of each and every employee within the company, and together we will continue to set the standard for our competitors,” the company explained in a statement.

Besides thriving within its industry, Royal 3 Inc. is extending its success by donating to worthy causes in its community. The company strives to make a lasting impact on others and often participates in charity events. With a big heart for making others’ lives better, Royal 3 Inc. aims to expand further across the country to also pay their success forward to more communities.To learn more about Royal 3 Inc., visit its website and Facebook page.

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