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King of Maids Chicago Yelp’s Most Reviewed Cleaning Service

King of Maids Chicago Yelp’s Most Reviewed Cleaning Service

King of Maids Chicago specializes in connecting customers with top-notch cleaners and maids. The company was founded in Chicago, IL, in 2013, and the home cleaning service has done exceptionally well in the Chicago area since then. King of Maids focuses on reviews and technology to keep quality cleaners.

With over 9,000 reviews and a 4.77 out of 5 rating, King of Maids Chicago seems like the perfect company to book a cleaning with. The system behind their quality cleaners filters out underperforming maids that drop below a particular rating on the platform, ensuring that each experience is a royal one.

King of Maids is also Yelp’s most-reviewed cleaning company in the Chicago, IL, area. They currently have an impressive 493 reviews, nearly double their 2nd biggest competitor. Filip Boksa, the co-founder of King of Maids, says that this is an incredible feat that took almost 10 years to accomplish. 

“It’s not easy getting honest reviews on Yelp because of their strict algorithm that immediately filters out inactive accounts. When gaining reviews on Google, it’s easy to buy them because everyone has a Gmail account, and often that Google account is very active. It’s not the case with Yelp, where only a handful of people have good and active accounts. That is why I always go to Yelp whenever I want to try and find a good restaurant or service. It’s more trustworthy, which is why many business owners dislike Yelp. Yelp is not perfect because it will filter actual, positive, good, and honest customer reviews, but it will do that because it’s not sure if the account is trustworthy. As a result of having such a strict process, it is more likely to filter out fake reviews, which keeps business owners that write fake reviews off the platform. It makes it too hard and expensive to buy reviews only to get them filtered out by the Yelps algorithm.”

Filip adds, “When you think about it, it’s much easier to find 10 friends and have them post 10 Google reviews for your business. Now try finding those 10 friends that have an active Yelp account. It will be much more difficult, and the moment they make a Yelp account, Yelp will flag it as a new account. If they don’t start actively using it, that review will likely not stick. I’m not saying Google is bad, but from my experience, I find Yelp more trustworthy, which is why I find this achievement a big deal and why it took nearly 10 years to achieve.”

King of Maids offers multiple services you can book directly on Those services include home cleaning (houses, apartments, condos, townhomes). You can also book a regular cleaning, deep cleaning, or even move-in/out services. The website is easy to use, and you will get instant pricing by simply entering your zip code. Then if you wish to continue, you can book the service by finding an available cleaner. You can also view the cleaners’ ratings before scheduling someone to visit your home. Filip says, ‘we have a near perfect 5-star rating, and all of our cleaners are at least a 4 and a 1/2 out of 5 stars, but that doesn’t stop customers from testing out different cleaners until they find one that fits them most’.

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