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Kevin J Davenport: Helping Organizations Fly High and Succeed

Every organization wants to succeed and grow, but not all teams have what it takes to achieve their goals. Kevin J Davenport has a burden for such organizations and works tirelessly to help leaders set targets, strategize, execute plans, and reach their full potential through his many leadership training programs and lessons. 

Kevin Davenport is an Airbus Captain, US Marine Corps veteran, and leadership consultant. He owns and operates Stratus Leadership Development, a leadership facilitating, educating, and coaching firm that helps companies achieve their goals and visions. Kevin brings to the table decades of experience and proven leadership principles that he has picked up from his days in the US Marine Corps and as an airplane pilot. Those lessons have proven highly effective in helping leaders in various organizations build relationships with their clients, employees, and stakeholders.

Stratus Leadership Development brought together over twenty years of leadership experience and tried and tested strategies that have helped over a hundred large and small corporations experience significant growth to employee happiness and the bottom line. The company offers various programs for all companies of different shapes and sizes, both for-profit and nonprofit. 

Kevin J Davenport runs one-on-one coaching with managers and C-level staff who want to bring their careers and organizations to the next level. The leadership facilitator also helps companies set short to long-term goals and targets through careful planning and organizing. Stratus Leadership also provides a boot camp for professionals on leveraging LinkedIn marketing strategies to get more clients and grow their business.

What motivated Kevin to start a leadership consultancy firm despite his busy flying schedule was the massive gap in the market that he saw in leadership development courses that teach the lessons he ascribes to most. “I have found that people shift blame, not take responsibility, or use an excuse not to take that next step of owning their careers,” shares the captain and leadership expert. “I want to help bring awareness to the fact that if you take responsibility, your relationships will improve and make for a better life.”

Kevin is also an author who has penned two titles. His first book is entitled “Navigate Your Success.” His other book is one he co-authored—a children’s leadership book called Molly’s Leadership Follies: Power From An Idea Book One. Kevin J Davenport enjoys working with managers, executives, professionals, and employees who want to create more cohesive team dynamics, create a tactical advantage, and help employees get the promotion they’ve been dreaming of for a long time.

As the captain of an Airbus A-320, Kevin has learned to maneuver through proverbial and literal storms to keep hundreds of people safe while bringing them from point A to point B, something he hopes to translate in principle into hundreds of companies across the nation. The leadership consultant and airplane pilot has successfully flown over 1,000,000 passengers in his life, emphasizing excellent customer service and expectation management. Kevin J Davenport’s enthusiasm and spirit are contagious, creating a sense of hope, camaraderie, and optimism in companies he works with. He hopes to speak to thousands more and hopefully write a third title very soon. Learn more about Kevin by visiting his website and LinkedIn profile.

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