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Keith Ross Nelson Doesn’t Let His Age Slow Him Down

Most people often take old age as a sign of slowing down. It’s true that it often comes with a feeling of resignation, but being old shouldn’t be something to be sad about. Keith Ross Nelson doubles down on old age as something humorous, so much that he uses it as fuel for his comedic performances.

As a seasoned stand-up comedian who has been in the industry for 30 years, Keith Ross Nelson has had a variety of amazing experiences in the industry. He’s had the great opportunity of performing at various prestigious venues such as cruise ships and colleges.

He is also a comedy club regular, performing at venues such as The Ice House, Ventura Comedy Club, Laughs Unlimited, Punchline, Comedy Underground, and Flappers Comedy Club, just to name a few. Keith Ross Nelson has gained some popularity not only among live audiences but also on television. He has been featured in television shows and movies such as Comedy Time, Entertainment Tonight, A&E’s An Evening at the Improv, The R.M., Mormons and Mobsters, and Electives.

With his tenure in comedy, he has gained a lot of experience and has become such a reputable name in the industry. He has appeared alongside famous Hollywood celebrities like Steve Harvey, Tim Allen, Brain Regan, Ron White, The Greg Wilson, Rich Snyder, and Larry Miller.

Keith Ross Nelson has been in the business for so long that he has grown along with the trends of comedy and humor as a whole. With 30 years of comedic experience on his belt, he has managed to keep a clean act throughout his career, even earning himself an award as one of the top-rated clean comedians in the United States.

His style of humor has been well-received among young adults. They see him as a cool, young, and hip dad that tells the best jokes. Keith Ross Nelson absolutely loves the comparison and greatly admits and owns up to it.

Keith Ross Nelson consistently grows with age. He never lets the times leave him behind, which is what makes him such a successful comedian in his own right. Nowadays, with the massive boom of social media, he has found himself joining the latest trend bringing his comedy to a wider audience. Rather than the closed spaces of a comedy club in front of a live audience, he now has the great opportunity of sharing his jokes through the internet.

His social media presence has been well-received by audiences worldwide. His Instagram account has gained over 16,000 followers, which is constantly growing to this day. Keith Ross Nelson makes it a point to inspire his audiences with his comedy and his outside life. When he’s not outside performing at live shows, he is out there performing as a successful athlete.

He has competed in various high jumping events and has managed to win second place in the High Jumping World Championship in 1998. Keith Ross Nelson also managed to become a three-time national champion for high jumping. He even broke a track record at the age of 45.

Recently earned a third-degree black belt in kung fu, further proving that he wasn’t going to let his age slow him down. Keith Ross Nelson is an inspiring man that sees the humorous things in life through his comedy. He observes the beauty of the things around him and speaks it into existence through his humor.

You can watch Not for Nothing, which Keith wrote and co-stars in, on Amazon Prime. Follow Keith Ross Nelson on Instagram, @Keithrossnelson, to know more about him and his comedy.

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