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Justice Advocate Brooke Harlan Envisions Helping More Victims of Unjust Punishment across the Nation

Society at large has prejudices towards people who are already behind bars. However, the truth is that there are innocent people who have been unjustly punished by the law, which is why people need to be more careful about the judgments they pass on those who have been severely disadvantaged and do not have many resources to change. Fighting for the right of those kinds of people is the advocacy of Miss Brooke Harlan, an effort she has continued for several years now.

Miss Brooke is the owner and CEO of Brooke’s Bail Bonding in Nashville. By transforming the lives of her clients, she embraced the vocation to get people and keep them out of jail. Miss Brooke’s mission is to raise awareness and demand a plan of action to bring about positive changes in the system and the world. Additionally, she hopes to bring attention to the social injustices her clients experience as a result of a broken system. She does this by using her platforms to give a voice to the unheard as she shares their stories.

Miss Brooke is passionate about being a powerful voice and advocate for the bail industry. She and her team are in the business by providing resources and consistent support to their clients. With a courageous team behind her, she is more than thankful to have the support of several people with the same mission of fostering growth and change within those communities.

What makes Brooke’s Bail Bonding stand out is its utmost desire to aim to go above and beyond for clients that deserve to be heard and taken care of. Since the judicial system does not work on a nine-to-five schedule, people are trapped in jail 24/7. Knowing this, Miss Brooke ensures that her team is open and available to assist those in need. Hence, they have continuously done so much good for their communities and the state of Tennessee.

Miss Brooke has been in the bail bonding industry for over 20 years. Backed by a team of highly experienced bonding agents, she and her team work to protect a citizen’s Eighth Amendment right, which prohibits the criminal justice system from imposing unduly harsh penalties on criminal defendants.

Miss Brooke could not imagine waking up each day without doing what she does. In an interview, she said, “Behind everyone’s unjust experience lies a story that should be shared with the world to raise awareness and a call for a change, and I strive to be the soundboard to let those voices be heard.”

The justice advocate explained that her parents and grandparents, who also owned and ran bail bond companies, were what initially inspired her to work for such a noble cause. But as she observed her success with so many clients over the past years, her motivation grew more profound and personal.

In the coming years, Miss Brooke and her team envision themselves looking to franchise Brooke’s Bonding to empower entrepreneurs in the justice and bail industry. She believes that as they grow their organization, more and more communities will be able to receive their help and service across the nation.


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