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Joel Albrizio, The Digital Marketer Innovating In The Food Industry

Marketing has the power to make or break a business. There was a time when people would rely on word of mouth for their products and services to expand and for their sales network to grow. Today, however, things have taken a 180° turn.

Digital marketing was introduced in the late ’90s, but its grip on the world has grown stronger in the past decade. After Web 1.0, a platform that allows users to find information regarding what they want, was introduced, digital marketing took off. With the surge in digital marketing, the need for businesses and companies to create a presence online became necessary to stay relevant. Today, if a business is launched, the first step it takes to be recognized is to create a website and social media presence.

To help food businesses create a stellar online profile, Joel Albrizio decided to launch his own companies. A bright student of the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Albrizio took the first step towards success in digital marketing almost 40 years ago. Early on, he understood the revolution digital marketing was set to facilitate. He knew that in the near future, a renowned brand would translate to a successful business.

A creative and innovative mind, Albrizio wanted to make a difference and began to bring food companies onto the digital platform. He decided to work on creative photography and videos as his forte, and soon launched his own companies, Bad-Adz Digital and Prepared Food Photos.

Bad-Adz Digital, as the name indicates, aims to introduce digitalization, specifically to the food industry. The company acts as a catalyst between restaurants and food stores to reach a wider audience. Its working model involves sending emails to its target market. Each email contains information based on the items the respective food store or restaurant is providing. These emails also include services or packages as provided by the store or eatery, each spruced up with unique styles, exceptional writing, and exclusive videos. According to Albrizio, emails that come with videos and pictures grab a consumer’s interest twice as effectively, compelling them to visit stores.

Bad-Adz takes immense pride in strengthening customer services for its clients by marketing them the right way. Albrizio also leverages social media to promote the client’s services to their target audience. Knowing that social media is one of the most powerful tools in terms of branding today, Albrizio provides this service to its clients, with the only prerequisite being the zip code of the target area. The rest, the company handles on its own.

Albrizio started innovation in the food industry with the aim of doing something new and different. His efforts to help food stores and restaurants is commendable, since he has helped a vast network of clientele broaden their reach and heighten their online presence. He doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Albrizio wants to help as many firms reach their goals as he possibly can.



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