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Jesse Deacon Jones, a certified nutritionist, shares his fitness journey

A certified nutritionist from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Jesse Deacon Jones was an overweight kid hailing from a small farm town. Belonging to a blue-collared family, his father was a welder, while his mother was a nurse. From a very young age, he became obese and started to lose weight. Unfortunately, due to his degenerative knee disease, he was unable to do any cardio for more than a decade. Yet, he wanted to lose weight and fit in amongst the popular crowd. This is where he came up with a diet plan to lose weight without any cardio. 

Being a trainer and nutritionist helped him devise a strategy to monitor calories and lose weight. In fact, his degree in Communications from Boise State University allowed him to reach out to audiences far and large so they can benefit from his journey and experiences. “I have been fat and learned how to lose weight without any cardio. I lost 100 pounds and have kept it off effortlessly without staying hungry. I want to teach other people how they can do it too,” Jesse Deacon Jones shared. “I also started losing my hair and found out that the cure to stopping it from falling out and it is not what most doctors will tell you to do. I can show people how to stop their hair loss by not wasting their time or money on hospital visitations and expensive medicines,” he added. 

Moreover, Jesse has established an online learning portal,, where you can learn about real, everyday problems and get practical solutions to those problems. Since the creator, himself, is someone who has gone through the process and understands the physical, mental and moral challenges of being obese and losing hair, he can be a true inspiration who talks from experience and not just theory. His years of knowledge, practice, and numerous trials and errors have been condensed into hour-long classes. The first two masterclasses are focused on fat loss and hair loss. And in the coming days, more categories will be available, including acne treatment, muscle building and other health and fitness-related topics people need help with. 

The masterclasses are for individuals who have tried other conventional methods to improve their lives or when the traditional advice has literally failed them. If they have tried everything to lose weight or stop hair loss for years without any success, then this is the right place for them. The benefit is to learn actual solutions to such problems instead of the popular or mainstream simple versions that have been fed to us for generations now. 

Jesse Deacon’s success rate has been 100 percent until now. He is not the only one who lost weight through his diet plan; his brother shed 100 lbs as well. Jesse’s achievements can be gauged by the fact that he went from an obese man to a ‘Men’s Physique’ competitor at 5 percent body fat. He doesn’t believe in offering the same run-around, eat less and move more solutions that everyone else does, but in fact, he focuses on a diet plan that doesn’t starve you and helps you lose weight at the same time. “Just give me one hour of your time, and you will gain over 20 years of knowledge,” Jesse Deacon Jones expressed. “I regret not starting my website earlier and thinking what I was doing wasn’t that important. On the contrary, the information I have can help people and transform their lives for the best; hence, I need it to get out there to the masses.”

Apart from that, Jesse emphasizes the importance of consistency and motivation in fleeting, which comes and goes. That is not the key to success. It is essential to remember that consistency is the key. It doesn’t matter how you feel or how busy you are when you have decided to achieve a goal and become the best version of yourself. For that, you have to stay focused. If you keep working hard, then the process only gets easier with time. 

This has been Jesse Deacon Jones’s biggest strength as well. He doesn’t give up. He keeps trying new things until he finds the right answer, and once he does, he follows it to the tee. He understands that quitting is always easier but if you are determined to change your current situation, giving up is not an option. All he did was found alternate ways that could work in his favor instead of dieting and exercising. If you are one of those who are not happy with your weight or worried about hair loss or acne, follow Jesse Deacon Jones’s guide and learn directly from the expert. 

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