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James Vitas & VMD Companies Announces 150,000 SQ FT Distribution Center For Pods

James Vitas and the VMD Companies are ecstatic to announce that they will soon be celebrating the grand opening of a brand-new distribution facility that is outfitted with the most cutting-edge technology available.

This incredible edifice will be located in Wildwood, Florida, and will have a footprint that is 150,000 square feet. It is believed that it will open sometime during the summer, and once it does, it will provide customers of Pods with a broad variety of storage options.

The purpose behind the construction of the brand-new facility was to provide businesses with an all-encompassing storage solution, regardless of whether or whether the businesses need storage for a short period of time or a long amount of time.

The building will feature apartments that are climate-controlled as well as flats that are not climate-controlled so that it can cater to the needs of its varied customer base.

In addition, a wide range of specialized services will be available on-site, such as the opportunity for self-storage as well as the renting of trucks, and the movement of products.

According to James Vitas, the Chief Executive Officer of VMD Companies, the firm is pleased to be in a position to provide our customers access to a facility that gives all of the amenities that are essential for completing their criteria for storage in order to satisfy their storage needs.

VMD Companies

Since 2004, VMD has been successful in generating considerable financial returns by taking part in opportunistic commercial real estate purchases that create value. Because VMD has such a profound understanding of the real estate industry’s fundamental principles, these investments are within reach.

They follow a method that is entrepreneurial in character, creative in nature, and hands-on in nature, and they are a corporation that has its origins in New England. Because of who they are and what they have been through, they are informed about all the different types of assets.

As a direct consequence of their growth in Florida, they have high expectations that they will be able to provide the highest possible quality of service to their clientele at all times, and this gives them reason for optimism.

The fact that the business has established rules that are favorable to the environment at each of its sites is a source of tremendous pride for the organization. They declare in their mission statement that one of their aims is “to eliminate waste while enhancing performance,” and this objective is something that can be observed at each of their sites. This objective is something that can be seen at each of their locations.

They have been able to significantly reduce their carbon footprint over the course of the past few years as a result of the investments that they have made in renewable energy sources such as solar panels and wind turbines, and it is likely that this trend will continue with this new business endeavor that they have embarked upon.

In 2012, the New Hampshire Planners Associate and the American Society of Civil Engineers honored VMD by bestowing upon it the title of project of the year. The State of New Hampshire presented the VMD with the project of the year award in the year 2016. 

Since James has been in charge of VMD, the company has actively managed and developed approximately 800 million dollars’ worth of real estate, with projects spanning the country from New England to South Florida.

James Vitas and VMD Companies are pleased to announce the imminent grand opening of their brand new 150,000-square-foot distribution facility that will be located in Wildwood, Florida. 

This cutting-edge facility provides customers with a variety of storage solutions, including climate-controlled units as well as self-storage options along with other services such as truck rental and moving supplies – making it the ideal choice for businesses looking for secure short or long-term storage solutions!

In addition, because of their dedication to environmentally friendly practices, they are able to cut down on waste while simultaneously increasing productivity at each of their locations, which positions them as one of the most dependable businesses in their sector. 


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