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How Abraj Bay Is Redefining the Real Estate Market in Qatar

The Qatar real estate market has grown, reaching a new high, a trend attributed to the country’s upcoming mega events (The FIFA World Cup, Formula 1, and FINA World Championships). Another reason for this upward trend is the new and improved home designs made possible by real estate development companies like Abraj Bay.

Abraj Bay is a luxury real estate development company changing the Qatar real estate market by bringing in more sustainable and functional designs. They have built a one-of-a-kind estate, Abraj Bay, in Qatar’s capital, Doha. Abraj Bay features 2 spas, a hair salon, BBQ areas, 2 restaurants, 6 swimming pools, 2 outdoor kids’ play areas, 2 indoor kids’ play areas, 2 coffee shops, 2 padel courts, and resting areas. 

In July of this year, Abraj Bay unveiled its modern-day rest stations for delivery drivers. The stations are shaded with large umbrellas and are equipped with water cooler dispensers as well as mini-fridges to store water and other drinks, fruits, and snacks. This is part of their plan to build a luxurious estate with plenty of space and first-class utilities. 

The rest stations, which have enough space to accommodate several benches, are designed to help the country’s delivery drivers rest and recharge as they go on with their day-to-day jobs. Abraj Bay has involved tenants in this project as they will also be able to contribute by filling the mini-fridges with food and drinks.

Abraj Bay at Abraj Quartier is redefining luxury family living and Qatar’s real estate market. The properties are equipped with the highest quality fixtures, finishes, and fittings and have received several awards. Abraj Bay received two 5-star awards during the 2022 Africa & Arabia Property Awards, where they were recognized for their property discipline and exceptional residential services.

They are also the recipients of the Best Residential Development Award in the Africa & Arabia region and a winner of 3 awards for the Best Property Video, Rising Star, and Best Developer for the years 2021–2022 by Property Finder Awards. The Abraj Bay delegation was recognized as the Best Residential Development with 20+ Units in Qatar and Best Residential High-Rise Development.  

Abraj Bay is pushing for sustainability in luxury real estate as they build a more fulfilling experience for its residents. Other than the great designs and modern finishes, Abraj Bay has a mobile app. Through the Abraj Bay mobile app, you can book/schedule viewings, signings, renewals, request car wash services, water delivery, and more.

With the completion of the new phase, Abraj Bay is redefining luxury living for Qatar and creating the ultimate experience. Their work has enabled them to cement their spot and take the Qatar real estate market to new heights.

As they continue to grow, the team strives to implement sustainable strategies, upscale its facilities and set new benchmarks in the global luxury real estate industry. Abraj Bay sees itself as the pioneer and leader of luxurious real estate developments recognized regionally and globally. Abraj Bay has also been nominated in the Residential High Rise Development category for the upcoming 2022 worldwide IPA event in London, UK.

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