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FUREA Winning the Hearts of Thousands with His Electronic Music

We are all well aware that nothing beats live performances, especially if it is electronic dance music. The adrenaline rush you feel is out of this world. In fact, music producers and DJs all around the globe spend a significant amount of money on the production and planning of their shows. Now more than ever, artists are seen focusing their attention on electronic dance music compared to mainstream hip-hop or indie music in order to make it big in the world of music. Even though the EDM market has recently grown more congested than it was in the past, there is always room for one more artist.

Excellence in electronic dance music, however, can be rather elusive. A person who lacks vision or the willingness to explore outside the horizons of the mainstream genre often fails to thrive in it. Only exceptionally talented artists with a passion for creating music can take the EDM industry by storm and revolutionize it with their art. Such is the case with this young German artist Boran Firat, more popularly known as FUREA, whose famous hit ‘EYES’ got over 50,000 streams on Spotify!

FUREA’s electronic trance style has been capturing the hearts of countless fans. With intricate rhythmic patterns performed in such a profound yet concise manner, his soundscape is on another level. His track ‘This Can’t Be Happening,’ which was released in 2019, captivated millions of listeners around the world due to its fascinating lyrics and exceptional beats. The premise of the song is how young people are discouraged from engaging in activities they find fulfilling. They have many fears. In fact, these days, being gloomy is considered cool. FUREA encourages the younger generation to believe in themselves and confront life head-on with his peppy music. His most recent smash single, ‘Couple O’s,’ which makes real and meticulous use of the finest electronic beats, only goes to demonstrate his true mastery of the genre. The beautiful symphony created by the constant progression of the rhythmic cadence resonates with the listeners for a long time after you stop listening to it.

As far as FUREA’s passion for music is concerned, he has loved music since he was a young boy. Despite coming from a non-musical family, he was already playing the violin at the age of ten. Growing up listening to Slipknot and Metallica, he would often imagine himself as the lead singer in a band. To pursue his passion, he enrolled in a music school in Germany called Bremen, but dropped out in just three months. “I dropped out earlier due to the lack of creativity of my music production teacher,” reminisced FUREA. “All the other teachers were great, but the music theory and mixing is not enough for a producer. The sauce has to be tasty as a whole.” Oliver Sykes, a member of the band Bring me the Horizon, serves as a major source of inspiration for FUREA’s music.

Excelling in the music industry can be daunting for any new artist. FUREA himself had his fair share of hassles and struggles before he made his way into the music scene. “I would say it takes time to make an impact even over 10 people because they have to see the process of you struggling every day making new music,” FUREA shared while talking about his struggling days. According to the EDM artist, anything is attainable with the right type of meditation or mantra. For him, that mantra happens to be hard work with a little bit of ‘Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare. Hare Rama Hare Rama, Rama Rama Hare Hare’.

When it comes to what FUREA means, the word translates to flare in Japanese. FUREA himself further clarified, “FUREAns should be about being full of light in this world. Being conscious and loving. I always felt this way when I was next to people; I think we are alike with whoever listens to my music.” FUREA’s target audience comprises EDM lovers who also take an interest in emo rock. His beats are often created to awaken deep thoughts and feelings and are mostly inspired by recent events and experiences in his life. “A boring life can’t bring success or suffering can’t bring success. It has to arrive from the happiness within, so I try to find that place in my body,” stressed FUREA.

Despite being an underground, aspiring artist, 318 people chose FUREA to be their favorite artist of the year in 2022. With his latest single, ‘Fellow Friends, ’ out in November 2022, more and more people are exploring the charm and charisma of this German artist who happens to achieve milestone after milestone with his trance music.

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