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From First-Time Business Owner to High-Earning Investor: Acquisition CEO founder Michael Byars, Reveals the Truth on What it Really Takes.

Michael Byars
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Growing a business through mergers and acquisitions (M&A) offers several benefits over starting a new business from scratch. It provides an opportunity to enter new markets, acquire new customers, and diversify product lines.

M&A can also be a faster way to grow a business and can provide access to established infrastructure, talent, and technology. As a result, it can reduce the risks associated with starting a new business, as it allows for the acquisition of an already established customer base and revenue stream.

Michael Byars, the founder of Acquisition CEO, has become renowned for his success in maximizing market potential through his unique approach to investing in profitable acquisitions and scaling existing businesses with a proven track record of success.

His journey started when he established his first tech company at the young age of 19, with the guidance of mentors who taught him the fundamentals of running a business. By the age of 21, Michael Byars had grown his company to over 10,000 endpoints generating $40 million per year in revenue and obtained his first acquisition.

Michael’s focus on profitable acquisitions and scaling existing businesses with a proven track record of success is an alternative to the traditional start-up method of investing in small businesses. He believes that the most significant barrier to entry in the private equity and small business acquisition world is access to information, networks, and opportunities. He solves this problem by seeking out successful companies with a proven track record of profitability that can provide synergies with his existing businesses.

Michael’s acquisition strategy involves buying businesses that can provide synergies between the companies he already owns. For instance, if he buys a rental property, he looks for a plumbing, HVAC, property management, and general contracting/construction company to employ synergies between his other companies. This approach enables him to integrate these businesses into a network of companies that complement each other, thereby maximizing their potential for success.

One of the most significant advantages of Michael’s approach to acquisitions is that it provides a lower-risk option for investors and entrepreneurs who want to invest in businesses with a proven track record of success. Investors can rely on the proven track record of the businesses that Michael Byars acquires and scales instead of taking on the risk associated with launching a new business from scratch.

Michael’s success in buying, scaling, and exiting companies for the highest value possible has led him to launch a mastermind program and course designed to help business owners and entrepreneurs expand their businesses through mergers and acquisitions. The Acquisition CEO mastermind and course leverages Michael’s 20 years of experience in the field and provides direction on how to identify potential companies, negotiate deals, and optimize value.

The serial entrepreneur went from a one-person company to now managing a portfolio of 20 companies making $140 million per year. Michael’s trailblazing route to success demonstrates his vision, perseverance, and determination. 

His ability to identify potential, build on triumphs, and implement inventive solutions fuels his portfolio’s growth. His book, Scale Then Sell: The Blueprint for Unlocking What the 1% Know About Growth, provides a step-by-step guide to creating, scaling, and selling a successful business. 

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