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From Blooming to Streaming: Stuart Ross Carlson’s Rose-tastic Journey!

Stuart Ross Carlson
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Stuart Ross Carlson stands out as the modern-day Renaissance man of the music business in a world where artists come and go like the seasons. Get ready, music lovers—his most fascinating song to date, “The Last Rose of Summer,” has arrived on our playlists at last!

Imagine a heartfelt symphony that a crazy musical scientist created by fusing several genres. This is just what Stuart offers with his brand-new tune. They claim he doesn’t back down from challenges, but we have a sneaking suspicion he’s a musical conjurer who mixes sounds and melodies with beguiling precision.

However, there’s still more! Hold on to your headphones as we announce the cherry on top of the musical cake: KTWU’s 4-part TV series, “The Last Rose of Summer,” will include “The Last Rose of Summer” as a featured song in 2024. Kansas PBS has just discovered the secret to winning our hearts! We’re eager to hear how this catchy song fits into the TV magic.

The song is now being promoted by Spotify in an effort to reach as many people as possible in the music industry. Imagine flowers in blossom, vines writhing, and Spotify playlists bursting with Stuart’s mastery of melody. A rose-tastic extravaganza, indeed!

So, my friends, let’s band together to celebrate the success of “The Last Rose of Summer” and give Stuart Ross Carlson a musical toast. He is prepared to create a symphony of emotions by painting the globe with his unshakeable commitment and love of music. We’re here to enjoy the smell of Stuart’s musical accomplishment as you’ve bloomed.

To stream his music or learn more about Stuart please visit his website. 

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