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‘Feeding GA Families’ on Their Crusade to Feeding the Underprivileged Amid the Pandemic

When the pandemic struck early last year, the entire globe went through troubled times. Among the many crises that occurred, people lost their jobs and homes, making it difficult to find a way for them to feed their families. To combat such difficulties, organizations and charities stepped up to ensure that everyone still manages to have food on their table. Among those helping is the non-profit food pantry Feeding GA Families.

Feeding GA Families or FGF is a 501(c)3 state-licensed non-profit community services agency. It was founded in 2010. Initially, the agency fed the homeless in Atlanta, but they expanded to providing cooked community meals and to hosting two weekly food pantries for those in need. Feeding GA Families is a resource that food insecure people can utilize in their times of need, especially today as the pandemic continues. 

The organization’s efforts provide food for over 80,000 people annually throughout the state of Georgia. Feeding GA Families have several service programs, such as a community outreach, unhoused outreach, student outreach, community hot meals, a career learning center, clothes closet, and services assistance. among their service programs. The unhoused outreach provides packaged food and care kits distributed to the homeless in Georgia, Maryland, and Washington, while the student outreach provides packaged snack kits for low-income area students. To cook hot meals for the community, teams and volunteers prepare and distribute food to several community-planned events throughout the year.

Feeding GA Families services are provided through their primary funding sources like crowdfunding, onsite monetary donations, in-kind donations, and board member contributions. Their services are provided with no questions asked as they aim to help those in need when they are in need, without restrictions to residency, prior income, or family size. The organization has three initiatives: the Open Door Policy, the Healthy Eating Initiative, and the Dietary Restrictions Inclusions. 

Their Open Door Policy welcomes anyone in need to receive assistance. As such, they make the process of receiving much-needed help as simple as possible. For their Healthy Eating Initiative, they encourage the inclusion of fresh fruits and vegetables in their everyday meal planning, with the aid of farmers, food banks, grocery stores, small businesses, corporate donors, sponsorships, and volunteers. Feeding GA Families also gives them away at the pantry and meal planning ideas and recipes highlighted on FGF’s social media pages. The organization works with shoppers’ dietary restrictions and concerns as much as possible, including allergies, vegetarian and vegan diets, and health-related diets like diabetes, high blood pressure, and autoimmune diseases.

While there are countless other organizations, Feeding GA Families stands out for its longevity and unique services. They offer home delivery through volunteers making door-to-door, mailed shipments, and grocery delivery orders. They also provide unique options for people with special diets or dietary restrictions.

Feeding GA Families hope to continue providing their services to families and individuals, especially amid these uncertain times.

To learn more about Feeding GA Families, you may visit their website. Their works can also be seen on Instagram.

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