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EatFigo: Making Home Cooking Easy Through Its Innovative Sous Vide Machine

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In recent years, more people are opting to make home-cooked meals instead of ordering takeout or dining in restaurants. This shift can be attributed to many factors, including the exponentially rising inflation, which has forced many to look for more budget-friendly and cost-effective solutions. However, despite the growing popularity of cooking homemade food, most find it to be a painstaking and time-consuming chore. Cognizant of this, one remarkable venture has provided an intuitive solution that addresses many of these concerns: EatFigo.

EatFigo is the enterprise behind the innovative autonomous sous vide at-home kitchen appliance that makes meal prep and cooking much more effortless. It utilizes proprietary smart kitchen technology and automation that can be controlled by a smartphone app. Because of its state-of-the-art features, users can make their food on the go and conveniently timed to fit any busy schedule at the simple touch of a button. In addition, the sous vide method of cooking not only yields delicious-tasting food but, most importantly, also guarantees fresh and healthy dishes. 

The brand proudly shared, “With EatFigo’s smart cooking device, fresh ingredients are vacuum sealed and then immersed in warm water to cook for a specified period of time using the sous vide technique. We have incorporated all the necessary steps and functions of sous vide cooking into a space-saving device so that users only have to load meals into the machine before starting their day. Our companion app allows cooking time to be automated, adjusted, and activated from anywhere, anytime.”

At the helm of the outstanding enterprise is the network and electrical engineer Robert Nappi. The visionary first became fascinated with sous vide through Bruno Goussault, recognized as the founder of modern sous vides. Eventually, he realized that while people like the cooking method because it provides a healthier option, many find the process burdensome and demanding. As such, he saw an opportunity to automate the experience and give people an easier way to eat healthily.  

Asked to share what makes the product stand out, The founder candidly explained, “Without sacrificing features, Figo is the most affordable sous vide option on the market among our top competitors that offer both cooling and vacuum sealing for just $299. To the best of our knowledge, our patent-pending device is the only one of its kind to allow FDA-approved cool storage of ingredients at FDA-regulated temperatures.”

Aside from having a straightforward three-step process for cooking, EatFigo also has a hassle-free cleanup experience where users only need to wash their forks and jars. Because of this well-thought-out system, the brand experienced massive success during its funding stage on Indiegogo in 2020. In fact, the promising product has reached a whopping 376% of its funding goal and generated over $80,000 in pre-sale revenue in just six weeks.

Following this impressive accomplishment, the company is completing UL testing. Then, moving forward, it plans to continue raising funds with the intention of making a full-scale commercial market launch in a $13-billion market that’s expanding at a double-digit CAGR of 18.4%.

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