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Dr. Clarice Kavanaugh Helps Companies Level Up Through The Kavanaugh Group

Business companies are constantly faced with the need to innovate, elevate, and improve their performance to stay ahead of the game and deliver services that are commensurate with their vision and commitment to the public. The responsibility to motivate employees to continue to perform excellently falls heavily on company executives who, at some point, run out of valuable ideas on how to keep their people inspired and productive. This is where performance coach, workshop facilitator, and motivational speaker Clarice Kavanaugh, PhD, MBA comes in with her unique brand of team-building workshops, one-on-one coaching, and organizational leadership training. 

With more than 30 years of awe-inspiring experience as a company executive specializing in sales and marketing, she has a wealth of experience not common to women executives in her industry, making her one of the most sought-after speakers and trainers in her line of expertise. Prior to her so-called retirement, she worked for a pharmaceutical firm. Her supposed retirement, however, did not come to complete fruition as she decided to dive into a new adventure – teaching in the university and training people and organizations through The Kavanaugh Group. 

Dr. Clarice Kavanaugh helps companies create a better working atmosphere that promotes productivity and camaraderie, one that will allow employees to grow professionally while meeting the expectations of their supervisors. Her consulting firm has served the needs of various A-list clients, and she has been extremely helpful in guiding her clients. Some of her specialties include executive coaching, performance coaching, conflict management, compliance training, racial inequity, diversity, and team building, to mention a few. 

Apart from her impressive work experience in the corporate world, Dr. Clarice Kavanaugh has an MBA in International Globalization and Business Marketing. She also has a doctorate degree in Business Psychology and Organizational Leadership, making her highly qualified to groom university students for their corporate and entrepreneurial pursuits in the future. 

As the business world continues to recover from the blows of the pandemic, Dr. Clarice Kavanaugh wants to share her insights with organizations on how they can move forward confidently and face a future crisis such as this without compromising the overall health of their business. Thought times call for tough leaders, and she aspires to be instrumental in creating a new generation of prime movers who are not afraid to face crisis head-on. For her, every problem is an opportunity to shine if company leaders see it from the right perspective. Empowering them to see problems as learning opportunities is of utmost importance to her work as a performance coach. 

Apart from running The Kavanaugh Group and her teaching job, Dr. Clarice Kavanaugh is also a best-selling author. She also hosts her own podcast called The Pain of Change, where she features interesting discussions with epidemiologists and university presidents, among others. In the coming years, she hopes to expand her reach by catering to the needs of other industries that are looking for ways to improve their productivity. 

Discover more about Clarice Kavanaugh, PhD, MBA and The Kavanaugh Group by visiting this website. Connect with her on Linkedin for updates on her latest projects.

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