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Discover the Leaders in People Finding: Martin Investigative Services

Discover the Leaders in People Finding: Martin Investigative Services
Photo Credited to: Martin Investigative Services

Introducing an industry pioneer in private investigation, Martin Investigative Services (MIS), responsible for proficiently facilitating the locations of thousands of individuals each year. Located in California and serving across the nation with excellence, MIS prides itself on its astute ability to locate almost anyone under a variety of circumstances.

The heart of this service provider is Thomas G. Martin, former Federal agent with the US Department of Justice and a highly decorated ex-officer with the BNDD/DEA. Over his illustrious career, Martin has been embroiled in numerous intriguing and notable criminal cases, including high-profile cold and unsolved cases. Now as the president of one of the country’s most respected PI agencies, he provides expert supervision over 22 experienced investigators, a majority of whom are former Federal agents from organizations like the DEA, FBI, IRS, and Secret Service.

Whether you need to connect with runaway children, resolve paternity suits, trace old classmates, locate lost loves, find missing relatives, process inheritances, serve process papers, or reunite with individuals for adoption, Martin Investigative Services is your go-to agency. Utilizing 888-US-UNITE, the People Search service with the highest successful find rate in the industry, MIS actively leads to successful conclusions of complex locate cases.

However, what sets Martin Investigative Services apart from the crowd is their unique blend of expertise, resources, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Boasting the highest successful find rate in the industry, Martin Investigative Services combines the power of numerous proprietary data sources along with decades of investigative experience on how to locate someone. This resource combination has translated into significant results, with MIS leading the field in successful search cases.

Moreover, they are firmly dedicated to producing results for their clients. If MIS fails to find your missing person, and if you unveil evidence that you found them using another commercially available service, they commit to a full 100% money-back guarantee. This dedication to customer satisfaction echoes their claim to be the industry’s 5-star review leader.

Another winning factor that keeps Martin Investigative Services ahead of the curve is the breadth and depth of their data sources. While most services in this area rely on one or two data sources, MIS is endowed with access to hundreds of databases across all 50 states, cities, and counties. This staggering amount of data aids in accelerating search processes, filtering out false leads, and ensuring superior results.

Backing this wealth of data is their team made up of former Federal agents—all of whom lend their considerable experience and expertise to the searching and reviewing processes. This ensures an effective time-utilization, lesser false leads, and stellar quality search results.

To kick off the process all that’s needed is either the name of the individual, their date of birth, social security number, or last known address. Whether you’ve been struggling to find someone for personal, legal, or emotional reasons, Martin Investigative Services offers a dedicated, competent, and experienced helping hand.

Endeavor the services of Martin Investigative Services for locating missing persons. With highest success rate in the industry and former Federal agents at their disposal, they promise to locate almost anyone. Confidence comes easy when you choose MIS for your search requirements, given their full, 100% money-back guarantee in the unlikely scenario of unsuccessful searches.

For more information, please visit their website or social media platforms. Instagram: martininvestigativeservices.

Add an end to your search for missing people – discover Martin Investigative Services, where every search ends in discovery.

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