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Cordney “MAC Woods” McClain: Championing Change through Inclusion, Mentorship, and Artistic Expression

Cordney "MAC Woods" McClain: Championing Change through Inclusion, Mentorship, and Artistic Expression
Photo Courtesy: Cordney McClain

By: Michelle Mackel

Every so often, an individual emerges who exemplifies the beautiful harmony of pursuing passion and serving the community simultaneously. Cordney D. McClain is one individual whose expansive and impressive repertoire of accomplishments paints the portrait of a life lived in service to empowering marginalized groups and underserved communities with passion, integrity, and dedication. Not only is he a Partnerships Strategist and Inclusion Expert, but he is also a respected artist, a noted educator, and a decorated veteran.

A proud alumnus of the University of Oklahoma, McClain found his way first into the corporate world, where he garnered nearly two decades of experience. His summative knowledge in inclusivity and diversity, coupled with his MBA degree, led him to the role of Partnerships Strategist and Inclusion Expert for the STAAR Foundation in Oklahoma City, dedicated to curriculum-based juvenile rehabilitation and youth professional development.

An Army National Guard veteran, McClain is no stranger to dedication and discipline, ideals that serve as the bedrock of his philosophy. This is echoed in his belief that “discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment,” a testament to his relentless pursuit of equality and fairness, whether in classrooms, boardrooms or community spaces. His excellent track record as an educator, business communication adjunct professor, and consistent service as an annual host and performer for the Teacher’s Appreciation Foundation Gala back up McClain’s mantra.

Despite his commendable strides in the corporate and educational spaces, McClain possesses equal prowess in the artistic world, where he goes by “MAC Woods.” As a spoken word artist, he has left indelible imprints in the OKCPD Outreach program and various artistic spaces. Nationally nominated, a published author, and an Apple-charted recording artist, his artistic finesse is best encapsulated in his sophomore album, ‘Pressure Cookers,’ which gained Grammy Consideration, and the book, ‘Blacker Than Shakespeare’s Ink.’

Simultaneously expressing his devotion to the art and opening critical dialogues about Black men and mental health, McClain keenly displays his commitment to underserved communities. As he expresses: “I’m extremely proud of diligence and contributions by everyone on my sophomore album, Pressure Cookers, for its Grammy Consideration and #1 Spoken Word iTunes commemoration. I believe that we put together an extraordinary project with an immensely important and intentional message.”

Further highlighting his versatile talents, McClain has engaged in acting and has been featured in various films, series, and commercials, including the notable Oklahoma Black Wall Street Burning. All these endeavors underscore his hard-won and well-deserved rise to be listed among the Top 40 Black leaders worldwide.

However, his work is firmly grounded in the hope of inspiring change among marginalized groups through financial literacy programs, self-love and actualization strategies, and goal execution initiatives. Not just content being a leader, McClain ensconces himself among the ranks of mentors, role models, and inspirational figures for many in Oklahoma and beyond.

No tribute to McClain could omit his invaluable role as a family man. A proud and loving husband to Mrs. Carrie McClain and a doting father to Kimora Monáe and Camílla Justice, he embodies the celebration of Black culture, heritage, and family.

Between his tireless endeavors in inclusion and diversity, his artistic prowess, and his steadfast belief in community service and mentorship, Cordney D. McClain more than exemplifies the essence of influential Black leadership. His dedication, passion, and commitment serve not just to inspire the present generation but also to lay a promising foundation for those to come. His work showcases how bridging the gap between individual goals and collective advancement can create a powerful ripple effect of positive change.



Published By: Aize Perez

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