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Clover Group and the Walk for Alzheimer’s: A Passionate Commitment to a Cause

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Alzheimer’s disease, a relentless neurodegenerative disorder, doesn’t just affect individuals – it affects families, communities, and societies. As the threads of memory and identity unravel, loved ones bear witness to a heart-wrenching transformation. And who better understands the profound impact of Alzheimer’s on the senior community than Clover Group? This real estate giant, specializing in active adult senior housing, is not just a business entity but a haven for many seniors and their families. Their mission transcends real estate; it delves into nurturing senior lives, making their alignment with the cause of Alzheimer’s both innate and heartfelt. 

The Walk to End Alzheimer’s: A Global Movement with Deep Roots 

The Walk to End Alzheimer’s stands out as the world’s largest fundraiser event for Alzheimer’s care, support, and research. With its presence in over 600 communities, this walk is more than a mere event – it’s a rallying cry, a collective ambition, a community’s hope. Organized by the Alzheimer’s Association, which was founded back in 1980 by dedicated caregivers and research enthusiasts, the event has grown exponentially in scope and significance. The association itself, headquartered in Chicago and backed by a robust policy office in Washington, D.C., leads the charge against Alzheimer’s, blending care with cutting-edge research. 

The Alzheimer’s Association Western New York Chapter: Local Efforts with Global Impact 

Nestled in the heart of Amherst, NY, the Western New York Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association serves as a beacon for eight counties, from Allegany to Wyoming. This chapter, while organizing the Walk to End Alzheimer’s in Western New York, offers more than just an annual event. They provide education, run support groups, and serve as a resource hub for dementia-afflicted families and caregivers. Their commitment doesn’t waver after the walk is over; events like “Around Your Table” and “The Longest Day” continue to drive their mission forward throughout the year. 

In 2023 their efforts manifested in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s in Genesee/Wyoming Counties, reinforcing their dedication to eradicating the disease. Their commitment also shines in their focus on underserved and disproportionately affected communities, ensuring their mission embodies true inclusivity. 

Clover Group’s Deep-rooted Connection to Alzheimers 

At the heart of the fight against Alzheimer’s, the Clover Group stands tall, not merely as a supporter but as a deeply involved stakeholder. Founded in 1987 in Buffalo, NY, Clover Group emerged as a game-changer in the realm of senior housing. Over the decades, they’ve developed over 50 active adult properties, providing homes to seniors who often find themselves in a challenging financial bracket – not qualifying for government assistance yet unable to afford high-end retirement homes. 

Clover Group isn’t about buildings and properties; it’s about creating communities. Their properties resonate with the laughter and memories of senior residents, often designed with them in mind – wide halls for ease of mobility, communal areas to foster connections, and more. Their mission extends beyond housing; it encapsulates a vision of wellbeing, community engagement, and a profound understanding of the challenges their residents might face, such as Alzheimer’s. 

Their engagement in community health initiatives, especially the Walk for Alzheimer’s, is a reflection of their ethos. With personal connections to the disease, their commitment is palpable, marrying their professional endeavors with a heartfelt mission. 

Clover Group’s Contributions: Financial and Volunteer Support 

For five years, Clover Group has consistently sponsored the local Walk for Alzheimer’s with annual contributions ranging from $2,500 to $5,000. This ongoing commitment underscores Clover Group’s dedication to advancing Alzheimer’s awareness and research, making a significant impact on efforts to improve the lives of those affected by this challenging disease. 

Their contributions reflect a commitment to corporate social responsibility, emphasizing the company’s role as a responsible corporate citizen actively engaged in addressing crucial health issues within the community. Clover Group’s sponsorship of the Walk for Alzheimer’s is a testament to their genuine commitment to social impact, showcasing the company’s values and dedication to making a positive difference in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease. 

Why Alzheimer’s Matters to Clover Group 

Clover Group’s housing solutions for middle-income seniors are tailored to ensure wellbeing. Alzheimer’s, being a significant health concern for this age group, naturally aligns with their mission. By supporting the Walk for Alzheimer’s, they’re not just fostering community goodwill but are actively engaging in a battle that resonates with their resident community. 

Beyond the brick and mortar of their buildings, Clover Group’s ethos lies in enhancing the quality of life for seniors. Their engagement with the Alzheimer’s cause is a testament to this commitment. They’re not just building homes; they’re nurturing communities and championing causes that ensure the health and dignity of their residents. 

Clover Group’s Legacy and Commitment to Wellbeing

One of the pillars of Clover Group’s ethos is fostering a holistic approach to senior wellbeing. Understanding the significance of both physical and mental health, they’ve integrated fitness activities tailored to the senior demographic. Chair yoga sessions, for instance, are a popular offering, allowing residents to experience the benefits of flexibility and mindfulness without straining themselves. Such exercises are not just about physical health but are also instrumental in improving mental agility, balance, and overall mood. 

Mental stimulation is pivotal, especially for seniors. Clover Group’s communities often host events that keep the mind active and engaged. From puzzle days to book clubs, from art classes to interactive games, these activities are designed to ensure residents stay cognitively sharp, socially active, and emotionally connected. Engaging the mind is known to delay the onset of neurodegenerative disorders, and these community events play a dual role – they offer enjoyment while serving as a protective factor against diseases like Alzheimer’s. 

An outstanding feature of Clover Group’s properties is the proactive team of onsite staff. These individuals are not just employees; they’re an integral part of the community. They’re trained to offer guidance on various fronts, from assisting residents with technology hurdles to ensuring they can effortlessly video-call their families or even consult with doctors online. In an age where technology is a bridge, the staff ensures that residents never feel isolated or left behind. 

Clover Group acknowledges the evolving landscape of senior care. With technological advancements, telemedicine has become more prevalent. The company actively equips its communities with facilities and training sessions so that residents can leverage these digital consultations, ensuring they have timely access to healthcare, especially during times when in-person visits might be challenging. 

In essence, Clover Group isn’t just about providing homes; it’s about crafting an ecosystem where seniors thrive. Their mission extends beyond mere housing; it radiates a commitment to holistic wellbeing, community engagement, and an intrinsic understanding of the myriad challenges their residents might face, such as Alzheimer’s. 

A Memorable Walk: The 2023 Buffalo Event 

In a recent exemplification of community spirit and dedication, Buffalo, NY, became a beacon of hope on September 30, 2023. The Walk to End Alzheimer’s event, held at the picturesque Outer Harbor, saw the community come together with an ambitious goal: raising $565,000. With $432,981 already contributed by 2,482 participants from 324 teams, the city showcased its commitment to eradicating Alzheimer’s.  

Clover Group, with its profound ties to senior wellbeing, undoubtedly played an instrumental role in supporting and amplifying this event. As participants journeyed along the two-mile loop, the event was more than just a walk—it was a testament to unity, memory, and a collective drive. As top fundraisers were recognized and information about Alzheimer’s disseminated, the broader mission of the Alzheimer’s Association resonated strongly. With such events, the path forward becomes clear: communities like Buffalo, backed by organizations like Clover Group, are unwavering in their commitment to a world without Alzheimer’s. 

The Unyielding Stride Forward 

The journey against Alzheimer’s is a marathon, not a sprint. It demands perseverance, unity, and an unwavering commitment to a vision of a world free from the debilitating clutches of the disease. The Walk to End Alzheimer’s events across the nation, especially the recent gathering in Buffalo, exemplify this relentless spirit. In this endeavor, the Clover Group stands as a shining beacon, illustrating that corporate entities can transcend traditional roles, merging business objectives with heartfelt societal causes. With their deep-rooted involvement, both personal and professional, they embody the essence of community-driven change. As we reflect on the strides taken, it’s evident that with the combined efforts of organizations, communities, and individuals, the goal of ending Alzheimer’s isn’t just a distant dream—it’s a foreseeable reality. 

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