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CleaningMaidSimple on How Disinfection Services Help Small Businesses

The COVID-19 pandemic has maimed small businesses all across the nation. Shops struggle to profit daily due to low foot traffic and buyer confidence, mainly due to coronavirus contamination fears. CleaningMaidSimple has been at the forefront of educating and helping businesses curb those adverse effects by introducing best practices for cleaning & disinfecting high touch surface areas.

CleaningMaidSimple is a company started by entrepreneur Oscar Munoz. The CEO and founder launched the business after losing his job in 2019 due to a massive company wide work reduction. After his employment loss, he vowed to build something that he would have agency over and give more stability. This realization brought to life the idea of starting a cleaning service that Oscar patterned from his mother’s cleaning business of twenty-five years. In only three years, CleaningMaidSimple has reached leaps and bounds, reaching a total of 10 million square feet of commercial space cleaned in that time. 

With the pandemic pretty much still existent and vaccination efforts and health protocols still rolling out, many businesses are now on the verge of shutting down due to a lack of income and foot traffic. Most challenges have to do with buyers’ lack of confidence to come to stores, restaurants, shops, parlors, and boutiques to transact face to face. Digital commerce has helped by a mile, but not all customers feel comfortable with it yet. 

CleaningMaidSimple has a simple solution that provides instant results:  giving people a good reason to believe it’s safe to walk into a store. They do this by providing daily cleaning services to businesses. The cleaning company also provides services to offices to avoid operational loss due to shutdowns caused by company-wide quarantines due to contamination. 

Over the last few months, CleaningMaidSimple has seen a significant uptick in the number of clients that avail of their services. With the phenomenal growth that Oscar has experienced in his business, he has all the right to rest on his laurels, kick back, and relax. But that certainly isn’t the case as the CEO now has a mission greater than company profitability. Now he’s driven to help other businesses grow by assisting them to regain buyer confidence. 

CleaningMaidSimple has worked tirelessly to serve schools, office spaces, commercial buildings, retail stores, and all kinds of other establishments that seek a sense of “normalcy” on the business side. The company’s secret weapon is its roster of highly-trained staff who have been equipped to provide top-level cleaning. In response to the crisis, CleaningMaidSimple has upgraded staff knowledge by ramping up protocols, retooling, and gaining the necessary resources to remove all contamination traces.

With a renewed sense of priorities, more companies will continue to look at health and sanitation as a value in organizations and facilities for many years to come. With that, Cleaning Maid Simple is more than prepared to face multiple requests for daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly maintenance in the northern and southern areas of California.

Oscar also hopes to provide people with secure sources of income as he hopes to expand his operations so he would never have to go through the debilitating experience of job loss as he did a few years ago.

Visit CleaningMaidSimple’s website, Instagram, and LinkedIn profiles to learn more.

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