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Chicago Journal and Local News Mag Presents a Timely Partnership to Normalize Accurate Reporting

In a business, like in every sphere of life, no individual exists as a self-sufficient island. This is because at least once in a lifetime, every individual will rely on the strength of others to survive and stay ahead toward actualizing their goal. In the same way, in the media, the idea of partnership is not alien, and in the last half a decade or more, it has become a culture. By the end of the 2020s, more media outlets will have gone into partnerships with each other, and the industry will become more closely knit than ever.

One of the significant problems that have plagued the media sector in recent times is the oversimplification of access to information since the internet is readily available to all. Therefore, anyone could go on any platform of their choice, acquire some following, create a fake scenario, and post a piece of false information. With the free access to information comes the thirst for information. Today, social media users do not bother verifying the information they consume, so long as it is out in public, they read, believe, share, and spread that information.

Chicago Journal is a Chicago-based news reporting website interested in news coverage in lifestyle, entertainment, event listings, reviews, commentary, recommendations, feeds/links from top Chicago news sources. Chicago Journal—as one of the few local news outlets operating out of the city of Chicago to an audience that comprises majorly Chicago residents and anyone from anywhere globally—sees the problem and has sought to solve this problem by publishing confirmed information for years since inception and authenticated information. 

In furtherance of this commitment, Chicago Journal is partnering with Local News Mag to contribute more to factual information dissemination and reporting. With this partnership, Chicago Journal appears to be ready for a future where information reaches every part of Chicago and the state of Illinois as a whole, relying on Local News Mag’s clout and popularity and integrity to reach as many people as possible. 

Local News Mag is a media company currently on a mission to get into as many partnerships as possible with different media outlets. As part of its commitment to publishing featured articles and listicles for the general public to read. Local News Mag is an honest news outlet whose commitment to the truth and fact is unmatched. Local News Mag’s contents per their area of interest and influence include featuring the best local restaurants, jewelry shops, cleaning companies, among several other local establishments and businesses. Local News Mag operates a distinct business model that guides and informs the general public on which brand(s) to trust.

Indeed, when fake news and information are rife and raging like wildfire, a partnership of this magnitude between Local News Mag and Chicago Wire is a step in the right direction to bring to an end the incidence of fake news.

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