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Strategies Ludovico Apollonio Uses to Take eCommerce Businesses to the Next Level

Ludovico Apollonio is a successful entrepreneur who hasn’t quite turned 30 yet. Yet, despite his young age, he’s changed his life for the better by switching from a career in real estate to starting a digital marketing agency that provides services other businesses can depend on to experience growth. He’s managed to accomplish goals and unlock achievement within such a short period because of his strategic approach to building his business from scratch. While knowing that the entrepreneurial world is challenging, Ludovico Apolloni liked the idea of being his own boss while providing a service that others could use and

Rising NFT HoodPunks Donates Funds to the Black Lives Matter Movement

With all the NFTs recently coming out of the woodwork, the African-American owned digital community known as HoodPunks manages to set itself apart. The project focuses on its advocacy that supports the Black Lives Matter movement, empowering Black investors to stake their claim in the industry.  HoodPunks is more than just a typical NFT. It helps promote the Black Lives Matter programs, which also includes promoting equality, providing support for families and victims of unjust violence, and creating a safe space for sharing Black imagination and innovation. The esteemed NFT project hopes to unite like-minded individuals to a global cause

The Latest Addition to the NFT Community, Tropical Turtles Washes Ashore to Strive for Marine Life Conservation

Throughout the years, art has undergone many movements, evolving with the times. From the walls of deep caves to primed canvases, today’s art has taken to a new medium, shifting towards the digital movement. In the latest trend, people have developed Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs to give people the chance to boast ownership over some of the most unique works in the digital art community. Tropical Turtles is the latest addition to the NFT world, working towards the noble mission of saving turtles while giving holders something enjoyable. While NFTs have been around the same time that cryptocurrency was born,

Klepto Bears Becomes the Latest Addition to the NFT Community With a Rush of Nostalgia

With how fast-paced life has been, it can be so easy to forget where we came from and who we used to be, especially with all the dread the global pandemic brought. So Las Vegas-based visual artist Amber Marie decided to develop a new NFT that not only injects nostalgia but promises prizes through Klepto Bear. Klepto Bear is the latest addition to the NFT community set for a launch on October 10, 2021. Sleekly designed, the NFT consists of 2D teddy bear art pieces that bring out everyone’s inner child—digitally painted with a peaceful background that is hued to

New Phase Blends Mounts a Huge Education Campaign for Use of CBD

People who have heard of the Cannabidiol market know how much growth opportunity there is in the rising industry. But to companies like New Phase Blends, economic opportunity isn’t the main driving force. Fundamentally, the company looks to create an accurate information drive that will push people towards the benefits of using CBD.  “Spreading accurate information about CBD is actually our primary goal—not making sales,” explains company founder and owner Dale Hewett. “Sales are a derivative of good quality educational pieces that help people realize actual benefits of CBD. Unfortunately, there are a ton of CBD companies that will tell

How Will Nickens Jr. and Shari Dionne’s Long-Distance Relationship Inspired Their Brand Shari Dionne

There are many reasons people pursue entrepreneurship. For most, they want to gain financial freedom, but for others, they want to create something for the later generation of their family. For Will Nickens Jr. and Shari Dionne, the latter was a driving force that encouraged them to create Shari Dionne. Named after founder Shari Dionne, the brand’s story stems from a love story. Will, a native of Cleveland, Ohio, was residing in Dallas when he met Shari. Born and raised in the greater Los Angeles area, she and Will met in Dallas for a weekend. Initially starting as a fling,

Playful Pandas Are the Next Big Thing in the Metaverse, Giving Holders an Opportunity to Give Back

An emerging community in the metaverse known as Playful Pandas is fast becoming one of the most anticipated groups today as it introduces not just lovable characters but also the rare opportunity to give back to communities and society. The community is currently minting with a maximum of 8,888 NFTs available for grabs on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721. If anything, its founders are out to give holders an exceptional experience that will change the perspective of future generations of NFTs.  The one striking feature of the Playful Pandas is its simple yet aesthetically attractive art that comes as a

Corey’s Build Thrive Succeed Agency Is Helping Cleaning Businesses Stand Apart and Win Big

I recently sat down with serial entrepreneur Corey Everhart. I was fascinated to learn about his background in the service industry, particularly the cleaning industry. I also discovered he’s now devoted to helping service businesses and entrepreneurs across the US with his agency known as, Build Thrive Succeed. Corey started in the commercial and residential cleaning industry back in 2008 and has made quite an impact. Corey explained how his company attracted new clients by leveraging a powerful social presence on Instagram and being featured in different forms of published press. His first cleaning company grew to have two office

Constance Woulard: The Newest Top Mentor, Speaker, and Coach

Personal development and investing in one’s growth as a person have increased in popularity throughout the years. With the multitude of motivational speakers, self-help books or podcasts, development courses, and personal coaches, people have various options for learning new things and becoming better individuals. Standing out in an industry flooded with many great mentors and motivational speakers, Constance Woulard has become one of the latest speakers that have made an enormous difference in people’s lives. Constance Woulard is a well-loved motivational speaker, praised for her valuable insight and engaging personality. She describes her approach to coaching and speaking as personal

Recognizing And Responding To Decision Fatigue

Decision making is a huge part of project management. Whether it relates to what needs to get done, when it needs to get done, or who needs to do it, projects don’t move forward unless managers make and communicate decisions. The more complicated the project, the more decisions will need to be made. Yad Senapathy, founder and CEO of the Project Management Training Institute (PMTI), has trained project managers for decades in how to face and to make critical decisions. “Critical decision making skill in project management is vital because it ensures the right decision is made at the right