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P.U.S.H. Entertainment LLC: Providing Thriving Artists Support to Success amid Challenges

The absence of live music and entertainment has been one of the most dramatic lifestyle changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The restriction on huge gatherings and mingling indoors was a significant blow to an industry that relied primarily on ticket sales and endorsements from live performances. However, it still relives and continues to grow with the efforts of thriving companies like P.U.S.H. Entertainment LLC, that see beyond the present and finds opportunities in the circumstances. Now, the company is overcoming challenges after another to pursue individuals’ passion and create a lasting impact on the world. Established in April 2021,

How Wealth4Gen Empowers Families to Plan for the Future

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many families lost loved ones. Aside from the grief that comes with this loss, families are also faced with paying for funerals and other final expenses. Because the nature of death can be so sudden, some may not be financially prepared to make these final preparations. Wealth4Gen founders Quinton McCoy and Viair Myles witnessed and experienced this exact scenario several times over the past year. Their shared experience sparked a newfound passion in ensuring that families are protected from the grueling financial burden that comes with the passing of a loved one. Wealth4Gen

Pristine Advisers: Patricia Baronowski on How She Built an Award-Winning Company

Building a company and keeping it afloat for more than two decades is not for everybody; simultaneously, keeping the company afloat and winning a plethora of awards is something many CEOs and managers have failed to achieve. Patricia Baronowski-Schneider did not only found Pristine Advisers over two decades ago; she has also built the company into an award-winning firm and a one-stop shop for people looking to access IR/PR/Marketing and Media Relations services. Pristine Advisers is an IR, PR, marketing, and media relations company that has built a reputation for providing a high-end experience for its retinue of clients and

Elvira Jain: An Icon Taking Center Stage in the Realms of Fashion and Business

Every person holds a clear-cut vision of what or who they want to be in the future. However, the problem lies in the difficulty of translating these dreams into reality. Some consider resources as primary hindrances to one’s growth while others deem the issue to revolve around not knowing where to begin. In the case of Elvira Jain, an esteemed model and serial entrepreneur by passion and profession, it is a matter of setting oneself free from self-limiting beliefs that hinder a person from achieving success. By continuing to defy the odds stacked against her, no matter how terrifyingly tricky

Awesome Life Group LLC Aims to Create Generational Impact through Credit Repair Solutions

Hailed as one of the “Best Credit Repair Companies” in Pittsburgh by, Awesome Life Group LLC is truly making its mark. The company is currently helping thousands of people repair, restore, and rehabilitate their credit to achieve their dream lifestyle. Led by three amazing powerhouses, Brandon Weaver, Cornita Pinchinat, and Jera Sky, the company is on its way to building a lasting legacy. Awesome Life Group LLC has been in the business of credit repair and credit restoration for over five years. Its efficient methods and strategies to help clients rebuild their credit scores and continually educate them on

How Neal Thakkar Turned His Life Around To Create Two Brands To Transform the Lives of Others

It can be difficult for people to bounce back from their inner demons, but people like Neal Thakkar have proven that it is still possible. Since turning his life around, Neal has been training his mind, body, and soul to transform himself into a whole new person. Today, he has been using his knowledge and training to help others do the same. Neal Thakkar was on a promising journey in soccer, thriving as a collegiate athlete who had the world wide open for him. However, that future was compromised when he fell into drug addiction, effectively ending his career. His

ProductMentor Relocates HQ from California to Texas for Bigger Opportunities to Joint Venture with Inventors & Entrepreneurs

Texas continues to attract high-profile businesses. San Antonio welcomes ProductMentor™️, who provides Done-With-You Joint Venture opportunities to help inventors and entrepreneurs license or launch physical products and mobile apps.  There has always been opportunity for entrepreneurs to relocate their businesses to more favorable jurisdictions. ProductMentor follows these trends and constantly finds ways to widen their sphere and impact. Recently, they did so by relocating their headquarters to the Lone Star State. ProductMentor can help with all aspects of starting or growing a venture, from protecting intellectual property, to fundraising, to app and product development, to making industry connections, they cover

Beverley Vaughn and Awakening Initiatives on Helping Individuals Maximize Their Full Potential and Position for Success

Someone must have the proper guidance to attain the pinnacle of success in life, in education or in a career. Proper guidance will make the otherwise arduous journey worthwhile and help an individual maximize their full potential. One individual assisting people in channeling their innate skills and talents into the right endeavors and maximizing their success is speaker, author, and televangelist Beverley Vaughn through the Awakening Initiatives Beverley Vaughn Coaching. Beverley Vaughn is an accomplished speaker, author, televangelist, coach, celebrity radio personality, and Christian evangelist leading and empowering people into success in business with a holistic approach. Through her coaching

Jason Nemes Promoting Healthy Living and Business Savvy

Jason Nemes, also known as Tattedprezzz, has taken it upon himself to show the world that it’s possible to enjoy more than one side of life. Jason Nemes and everything he represents are products of years of toil and work that resulted in the enviable lifestyle he leads today. Over the years, Jason has fueled his drive to success with self-improvement, motivation, and focus. At a young age, he already painted a picture of what he wanted his life to look like in the future, and he put in the work to make it happen. He got a job at

Former E! TV Host and Female Founder Brianna Meighan on Building a Multi-Million Dollar eCommerce Empire in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in countless changes across the political, social, and economic landscapes and has resulted in a dramatic shift in the role that the internet and eCommerce now play in our daily lives.  Gone are the days where being a business owner required an expensive physical store in a prime location, a multitude of employees and thousands of dollars in inventory. Today, eCommerce provides entrepreneurs with the opportunity to establish a business online with as little as just one product to sell, no employees and all from the convenience of your mobile phone. Former E! Entertainment TV