Accounting for Retail

Ever since the pandemic forced the closure of many brick and mortar storefronts, the future of the retail industry has been bleak. The outlook for 2022 has its own share of issues, including shipping, empty shelves in stores, inflation, and unprecedented employment

Metaverse Bank MetaFi Built for the Modern Social Trading on Web3

The cryptocurrency world continues to grow, and metaverse applications are quickly following in this uptrend. Accordingly, new projects come out often and promise to bring even greater acceleration towards decentralization efforts. One of the latest projects to come out and to that

1.7 million Fitbit smartwatches recalled due to burn hazard

Photo: Fitbit The Consumer Product Safety Commission announced on Wednesday that Google-owned Fitbit is retracting 1.7 million smartwatches due to a possible burn hazard.  Fitbit will be voluntarily recalling the Fitbit Ionic smartwatch models. The CPSC said that these contain a lithium-ion

How Credit Medics Helps Its Clients Achieve Good Credit

Well-known entrepreneur Hassan Sanders is making a lasting impact on peoples’ lives and their credit standing through his company Credit Medics. By offering tradeline packages, Hassan is able to boost his clients’ credit score from 100 to 200 points. As a result,

Why Car Insurance Rates Increase

At the risk of sounding poetic, car insurance rates are like the seasons in that they are always changing. Some circumstances that cause insurance rate increases are manageable and can be helped, while others are out of your hands. Car insurance is