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Chicago Journal’s Top 10 Influential CEOs in 2021

Despite the rising number of aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs from virtually every part of the globe today, it’s still easy to recognize those who truly stand out from the rest of the crop. Entrepreneurs change the world. They lead with innovative ideas that make life better, pose solutions to problems, and add a little more life to society. CEOs also create opportunities for other people, creating jobs in both urban and rural areas; and their leadership helps professionals grow in their craft. Just as wine gets better with time, these CEOs have also been seasoned with years of decision-making, problem-solving,

28-Year-Old Self-Made Millionaire Daniel Brown Sheds Light on the True Meaning of Success

If there is anything that distinguishes this generation from the past, it is the fact that age no longer defines a person’s path to personal and professional success. Gone are the days when industries are dominated by seasoned authorities who have accumulated years of experience, encouraging more young, passionate, persevering, and driven individuals to chase their dreams, secure reputable positions at the summits of their chosen industry, and rise above. Today, the commercial realm sits as a breeding ground for young moguls and go-getters, like the emerging powerhouse and 28-year-old self-made millionaire Daniel Brown. Daniel Brown, one of this generation’s

Alexa D’Agostino Explains the Value of Passion in Carving Success-Enabling Paths

The most industry-shaking and established authorities are those who banked on their passion, precision, and perseverance to make a name for themselves, set things in motion, and rise above. Some may have reached impressive heights out of sheer luck or the richness of their networks and resources, while others capitalize on their abilities to drive change, inspire action, and impact lives. One such individual who emerges as a powerhouse across the realms of business and marketing for her grit and determination to help businesses thrive is Alexa D’Agostino, a serial entrepreneur and esteemed CEO of multiple ventures. Widely recognized for

Chuck Wilson Sparks Transformational Journeys With His Ever-Expanding Platform

More than being at the forefront, leadership entails having the formative ability to touch lives and inspire action. At its core, this deep-rooted trait brings with it the power to transform. In the case of Chuck Wilson, a visionary leader, it is shown that the best legacy anyone can leave is the positive impact they have made on other people. Today, this luminary continues to take the reins of a career grounded in sparking change and enabling success.  All his life, Chuck has been passionate about helping others and compelling them to become the best versions of themselves. According to

Brisha Henderson Empowers Women and Builds Their Confidence Through Her Hosting Brand SaySay’s Protégé

Corporations and organizations are often so busy with work that an occasional get-together is organized to celebrate and reward its members for their hard work. While outdoor events are great options, they are typically utilized as team-building activities and instead opt for parties. SaySay’s Protégé is an organization that offers its services to host parties with alcoholic beverages and often leaves their clients with a night to remember. SaySay’s Protégé is a company that specializes in hosting events and social gatherings with unique themes. They are known for their signature bottle girls who dress up in bunny costumes. Although women

Barber Mogul Opens Grooming Facility in Chicago’s River West Neighborhood

It can be easy to feel disempowered in a world that inundates you daily with stories of people who seem more successful than you. Rags-to-riches stories aren’t circulated simply to generate publicity for the people involved; they have the power to help inspire entrepreneurs around the world. Being reminded that they, too, struggled through uncertain times before reaching their massive success is a great way to stay grounded and focused. Chicago native, Charles Shumate, is the prime example of just that. Being the oldest of three children raised by a single mother, he felt the need to help any way

‘Known Unknown’ Out to Build a Budding Community of Creatives

The creative industry has evolved dramatically over the years. There has been an influx of demand for graphic design, typography, illustration, film production, branding, marketing, storytelling, and other creative business applications. And as the industry changes and adapts to today’s new digital reality, Known Unknown hopes to lead the charge in training and mentoring up-and-coming creative professionals and positively affecting the creative world.  Known Unknown is the brainchild of the iconic design professional James Sommerville, the former owner and co-founder of global design agency ATTIK. He started the agency back in 1986 out of his grandmother’s attic bedroom and grew

CleaningMaidSimple on How Disinfection Services Help Small Businesses

The COVID-19 pandemic has maimed small businesses all across the nation. Shops struggle to profit daily due to low foot traffic and buyer confidence, mainly due to coronavirus contamination fears. CleaningMaidSimple has been at the forefront of educating and helping businesses curb those adverse effects by introducing best practices for cleaning & disinfecting high touch surface areas. CleaningMaidSimple is a company started by entrepreneur Oscar Munoz. The CEO and founder launched the business after losing his job in 2019 due to a massive company wide work reduction. After his employment loss, he vowed to build something that he would have

Michelle Perchuk Stamps Her Presence as a Top-Rated Career Building Coach

Building a career begins with getting a job which is a task that many people have no clue how to handle. Job seekers easily get lost in the job-seeking process, that they get frustrated along the line. Michelle Perchuk, a seasoned career coach with about two decades of experience in the business and the recruiting world, has taken it upon herself to help job seekers get on their feet and forge ahead with confidence when seeking a position in their dream workplaces.  Michelle Perchuk has worked at some of the top recruitment firms and worked with Fortune 1000 companies with

Kevin J Davenport: Helping Organizations Fly High and Succeed

Every organization wants to succeed and grow, but not all teams have what it takes to achieve their goals. Kevin J Davenport has a burden for such organizations and works tirelessly to help leaders set targets, strategize, execute plans, and reach their full potential through his many leadership training programs and lessons.  Kevin Davenport is an Airbus Captain, US Marine Corps veteran, and leadership consultant. He owns and operates Stratus Leadership Development, a leadership facilitating, educating, and coaching firm that helps companies achieve their goals and visions. Kevin brings to the table decades of experience and proven leadership principles that